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Teck Resources launches podcast on sustainable mining

Teck Resources announced on Monday the release of a six-episode podcast called Why We Mine: A Podcast About Sustainable Mining to help people make the connection between the world we have today, the future we want for tomorrow, and how mining is helping us get there.

Through interviews with industry experts inside and outside Teck, Why We Mine explores the landscape of modern mining, highlights our industry’s critical role in the green economy and explains how vital mining is in our daily lives.

Hosted by veteran journalist Robin Stickley, the episodes focus on the products of mining, how they are used in everyday life, and the critical role they’ll play in the world transition to a low-carbon future.

The first episode of Why We Mine – featuring Brett Gilley, geology professor, University of British Columbia; Greg Brouwer, SVP, technology and innovation, Teck; and Jillian Lennartz, manager sustainability reporting, Teck – is available now, with new episodes following every two weeks.

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