Todd Rowan, CEO of, Announces That He Will Host CEO Money, an iHeart Radio Syndicate, for Crypto Week

April 20, 2018

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DALLAS, April 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Todd Rowan, CEO of and Linda Butcher, CBDO will be guest hosting CEO Money for the week of April 23.

CEO Money, America’s Business Show, will be hosting a week-long series on cryptocurrency. With that in mind, they have brought in local cryptocurrency and blockchain experts, Todd Rowan and Linda Butcher. Rowan and Butcher are co-Founders of Rewards and each has over 20 years of experience developing large global loyalty programs for companies like American Express, American Airlines and Sony. They lead the way in loyalty innovation through cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

To listen to Crypto week, you can tune in to the show live on April 23 to April 27 on 1190 a.m. (WFN1) at 2:00 p.m. CST. The show will also be available online and podcast. They will have guests from all aspects of crypto, including CEOs, Investment Fund Managers, Investors, and Influencers. Special guest will include:

Asger Folmann – In it for the money
Dominik Zynis – Founder of Wings
Frideric Prandecki – Bob’s Repair
Ryan Taylor – CEO of Dash
Steven Sprague – CEO of Rivetz
and many others…

“We couldn’t be more honored to host CEO Money for Crypto week and to help bring awareness to the exciting things going on in this industry,” says Linda Butch.  We are going to cover all the latest crypto news including Kraken and the AG, tips for evaluating ICOs, Bitcoin price, peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading, cryptocurrency regulation, trading in India and more. 


Rewards is a single marketplace that brings together over 100,000,000 products and 7000 existing merchant relationships with restaurants, retail, entertainment, travel and more that allows customers to earn and use RWRD token. The platform will allow users to shop online or in-store to receive RWRD tokens. Those RWRD tokens can then be used to make additional purchases clothes, food, book travel, buy gift cards or even toothpaste.

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