UAE's KP Chair Publishes First Mid-Term Report On Work and Initiatives

August 21, 2016

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August 21, 16 by Albert Robinson

(IDEX Online News) – The UAE Kimberley Process Chair Ahmed Bin Sulayem has published a mid-term report, a first for the Kimberley Process, highlighting key initiatives such as on-site visits to the major diamond producing nations of Africa, the initiation of a series of Valuation Seminars and a proposal which explores the use of blockchain technology to help enhance security measures.


The report also offers a preview of activities for the remainder of the year, including the November 13-17 KP Plenary meeting that will see representatives from all over the world meet in Dubai to discuss the future of the diamond industry.


“This year the Kimberley Process Chair has taken concrete steps to support the efforts of various groups and monitoring teams, to ensure that some of the world’s poorest diamond producing countries are able to join or come back into the KP family and receive a fair share of the revenues created by the mining and export of rough diamonds”, said Bin Sulayem.


Bin Sulayem, KP Chair since January 2016, “has been pro-active in not only upholding the principles of the Kimberley Process remit, to facilitate the legitimate mining and trading of rough diamonds, but also in working closely with governments and KP working groups to promote and enhance ethical and best practices,” according to a statement.


“Raising global awareness of the work of the KP is key to not only report achievements, but to demonstrate how we are working to stem the flow of conflict diamonds, protect the rights of miners and improve conditions for their families in countries concerned in diamond mining and production,” added Bin Sulayem.


The KP Chair oversees the implementation of he Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, the operations of the working groups and committees, and general administration and facilitation.

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