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West Red Lake pours gold bar at Madsen mine

West Red Lake Gold Mines (TSXV: WRLG) poured a gold bar on June 8, 2024, using material recovered during the clean up of the Madsen mill in the Red Lake gold camp of Ontario.

“It is very exciting to be pouring gold again at the Madsen Mill,” said Shane Williams, president and CEO. “Recovering trapped gold is another validation of the opportunity that’s available for us to unlock at the Madsen mine. The excitement of pouring gold again at the mine is further energizing our team as we push to get Madsen back into production in the second half of 2025.”

President and CEO Shane Williams holds the gold bar produced earlier this month at the Madsen mine and mill. Credit: West Red Lake Gold Mines

Longshot Diamond Drilling, which specializes in mill cleanups, did the work at the Madsen mill. The company brought a small portable gravity circuit to the site and used it to separate coarse gold from other milled material collected during the cleanup.

Approximately 415 oz. of gold were recovered during the first phase of the mill cleanup in 2023. The new doré bar was poured from the course gold collected using the refinery on site. The remainder of the material collected, which includes the fine gold, will be sent to a third party for recovery.

“Seeing the refinery in action was another check mark on our list of operational readiness requirements,” said Williams.

“Starting or restarting a mine requires reliable operations from multiple facilities and systems. From my experience building and commissioning mines, I know what a difference it makes to a new operation to have such systems in place prior to start up.”

The Madsen mill had been inactive for 18 months.

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