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Workplace Safety North initiates awards for risk management

Workplace Safety North (WSN) announced a new awards program to recognize Ontario mining and forest products companies. The WSN Risk Management Awards build on the provincial risk-based analysis program by using the industry’s own research to focus on the most effective ways to protect workers.

The awards also build on evidence-based research from the WSN Internal Responsibility System Climate Assessment and Audit Tool.

“The Risk Management Awards focus on how high-risk hazards are managed,” says Cindy Schiewek, WSN director of health and safety services, “and rewards companies that can demonstrate they have key practices in place to keep workers safe and healthy.

“It’s important to recognize all the research industry has done and spotlight how they are tackling the top health and safety risks in their sector,” she added.

From the research, WSN created a database of the top 10 risks of all sectors in the mining, forestry, paper, printing, and converting sectors in Ontario. The Risk Management Awards recognize employers who are following the control activities designed to minimize risk and keep workers healthy and safe.

This year, the top mining risk targets pedestrian and mobile equipment interaction. The forest products sector is focused on lockout and tagout of machines and equipment to address stored energy hazards.

“The really nice thing about this award is that it focuses on the specific top risks identified by workers and managers in the industry. Plus, workers take part in the awards process by helping complete and submit the entry,” said Schiewek.

Applications are due April 30 and, once approved, companies submit an assessment by June 15. WSN staff conduct field visits to verify submissions by July 31. Award winners will be recognized at the WSN annual general meeting held in North Bay and virtually in September.

More information is here.

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