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In business since 1979, with representatives worldwide, Action Mining offers the Micron Mill Wave Table, developed 33 years ago as a revolutionary concentrating table to recover particles down to 5 micron size by specific gravity. The Wave Table has helped independent miners and and small mining operations to successfully recover micron-sized gold by mechanical means, avoiding the costly setup and environmental issues of chemical plants. We are working diligently to replace the use of mercury amalgamation with our environmentally friendly Wave Tables. With a strong track record, we are now focusing on introducing our tables to the larger mining operations and to recycle and reclamation industries.

Based out of Sandy Oregon, AMS has served the international mining industry offering the Wave Tables for lab testing, final gold room cleanup, and production plants. We also have a variety of assay laboratory supplies and equipment for our clients to choose from.
The Wave Table, now also used in the recycling industry, enables recovery of many materials that will separate by specific gravity, without the use of chemicals.

Action Mining Services Inc.
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Sandy, OR 97055 United States

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