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AMC Consultants (AMC) is a global consultancy firm dedicated to helping miners find smarter ways to unearth hidden business value.

It helps mining leaders evaluate opportunities, solve hidden productivity challenges, and improve performance across the mining cycle.

At its core, AMC answers four key needs: evaluate, develop, improve, and transform. Since 1983, AMC has helped miners evaluate potential mining projects or investments and develop world-class mining operations. While its Improve and Transform divisions have delivered more than $5 billion in bottom-line growth opportunities.

With 8,000+ projects for 1,800+ clients in 111+ countries across 60+ commodities under its belt, AMC’s global team has seen most challenges. And chances are, it has created a smarter solution to solve them. How? Using its smart data system. Built over 30 years, it is the world’s most comprehensive site-level validated data and it underpins every AMC report. This data also powers AMC’s Dynamic Mining Intelligence™, which provides data-driven advice so miners understand where their next win is, fast.

Beyond its data, it is AMC’s unique approach and its people that keep clients coming back year after year. AMC’s Geometallurgical Assessment assesses each operation like the living, breathing ecosystem it is, providing miners with the complete picture. In addition, AMC only employs career miners, people who understand both the art and science of mining, and won’t avoid the reality of the challenge.

The need to evaluate a potential mining project or investment.

Feasibility reports

AMC ability to provide accurate and timely reports from scoping to feasibility helps its clients mine smarter. Drawing on experience from the delivery of more than 8,000 projects in over 100 countries on 6 continents, it provides the information needed to make informed decisions about the scale, size, and feasibility of projects.

Corporate advisory

Our experience in most metals and coal helps our clients mine smarter. From uranium exploration and evaluation of nuggety gold deposits to iron ore mineral resource estimation and geological evaluations, our world-renowned expertise helps you hit the mother lode.



The need to develop a world-class mining operation.


Using the most up-to-date geostatistical and resource estimation modelling software and techniques, we produce auditable mineral resource models meeting best-practice international reporting standards such as the JORC Code, NI43-101, and SAMREC Code.


AMC help our clients mine smarter. Whether it’s planning a new mine or improving the productivity of an existing one, your bottom line will benefit from our unparalleled mix of operational experience, industry insight, and up-to-date performance data.


The AMC database of mine-operating data includes metallurgical parameters that permit quantitative operating-cost benchmarking of metallurgical performance. Its ability to understand current performance, determine real drivers, and provide actionable advice is complemented by our ability to coach project leaders to successfully deliver outcomes.

Geotechnical engineering

Our geotechnical advice helps our clients mine smarter. Our unrivalled reputation for geotechnical expertise comes from proven success across the full range of mining methods and deposit styles, from small-scale selective narrow-vein mines to the world’s most productive bulk mining operations and largest open pits.

Engineering services

Our multidisciplinary approach helps our clients mine smarter. We earned our reputation as world leaders in backfill engineering by designing and developing some of the first paste fill systems in the world.


The need to unlock and implement hidden improvements in your operation.

Our suite of proprietary tools and reports help our clients mine smarter. Our team of world-class consultants have developed a proven process to ensure you are extracting every dollar of profit from your operation.

While every operation is unique and is approached as such, a typical AMC Improve process involves us –

Starting with an Operational Health Check (OHC) where we run an independent expert assessment of your strategies, processes, costs, and productivity performance, investigating six key focus areas and more than 70 individual elements to uncover profit-promoting practices.

Using a mixture of data gathering and validation, site interviews, field observations, and report analysis, not only will we uncover improvements to your operations, but our experienced reviewers will also quickly see opportunities in staffing and planning systems – which are often overlooked as revenue drivers.

Where improvement opportunities have been identified, we may offer to assist in the correction using any number of our services.

The need for a transformative change in strategy.

What is Transform?
We’re a group of highly trained and specialised mining engineers, geologists, geotechs and data scientists hell-bent on finding smarter ways to mine. Interested? Show us your data, meet with our consultants, and we’ll show you what we can do.

Why Transform?
The world is shifting. The future will be won by miners who can conquer data and turn it into actions. We want our clients to win.

What our people do?
We know data alone isn’t the answer.
So we collaborate with miners from around the world to redefine best practice.
We don’t just mine data; we extract and process it.
We build custom algorithms.
We turn the most elusive of insights into your advantage.
And in the end, we’ll find you mining transformation strategies you never knew existed.

Introducing Rapid Scenario Generator™
Transform’s proprietary choice-modelling system, which is capable of modelling choices across hundreds of scenarios at break-neck speed, often providing answers before you know the question.

It evaluates choices across all aspects of your mine and provides end-to-end modelling across your whole business – from geology to financial drivers and everything in between.

Our results
Across 70 projects, we’ve delivered NPV increases of between 10 and 100%.

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