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Cinzano Gold and Silver Mine in Guanajuato, Mexico

Scaling a proven gold mine, lifespan 25+ years

Mine Details

Location: Mexico
Commodities: Gold, Silver
Available Terms: For Sale, Joint Venture
Price: $35,000


Cinzano has purchased a profitable gold mine on the famous La Luz Vein system in Guanajuato, Mexico and is scaling production to approximately 240 tonnes per month. The mine was being hand-mined for multiple generations and producing 5 tonnes over a given period of time, with approximately $20,000 USD cash value for that 5 tonnes.

Location and Access

The mine is just outside Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico.


- We are operating off of a very conservative grade of 15g gold and 2000g silver per tonne.
- Conservatively, we are looking at 100,000 tonnes of high grade ore, which represents 25+ years worth of mining.
- No mill is required. The ore is rich enough where we can sell it in crushed form.
- Our annual profits, after tax, will conservatively be $2.9 million, at current prices.
- We have bought all the equipment needed such as loader, crushing assembly, scooptram, drills, truck, compressor, trailer, etc.
- At current pace, we will be operational by May 2023.
- We have discovered another profitable vein on the property which we plan on mining at the same time. We have built a crushing assembly that can handle the additional tonnage.

We are looking for an investment of $35,000 USD for 1% equity, in-perpetuity, with a minimum investment being $17.5k USD. The investment will be treated as a loan and repaid once we are in production. A 1% equity position represents approximately $29,000 USD in dividends per year, at current prices, on top of the return of the initial investment. This equity position extends to all projects that Cinzano builds or is involved in.


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