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El Oroito

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Commodity: Gold
Location: Mexico
Terms: For Sale, Negotiable
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The claim is called EL OROITO and consists of 153 hectares (378acres) Title number 233219 good through January 13, 2009 to January 12, 2059. All land taxes are current. This claim was acquired by Quirina Vasquez Vargas who owns 100% interests.

The property is located 18 km SW of the municipal of Naco Sonora, Mexico. Location center Lat. 31 deg. 15’ 16.95” N, Long. 109 deg. 59’ 23.59” W. The best way to get to the property is from the Arizona, USA Naco International Border into Naco Sonora. The property is located approximately 8 miles southwest of the International Border.

Gold values range between 8 to 30 grams per ton across 4 to 10 feet thick Quartz Manto. Based on field observations and outcrops, Manto has a probable strike of 1400 feet or more. It is recommended that an extensive sampling program be performed underground in Tunnel # 1 from the portal along the quartz manto to the face, in-addition to this, chip sample every 3 ft along the manto on surface from Tunnel #1 along the mantos entire strike towards the East.

After this phase of sampling is complete, perform underground mapping of all 4 tunnels, surface mapping of general geologic structures including other mantos above and below main manto, and map main manto for its entire strike. Contract a D-7 Bulldozer to further expose the main quartz mantos by trenching methods and extending the existing dirt road for .4 miles to Tunnel #1. Core drilling can be followed to further prove up additional reserves and outline additional undiscovered mantos.

Preliminary Report with maps and photos is available upon request. Only serious incquiries please.

The structure consists of an epitermal vein/manto of N75°W with dip to the NE between 20° and 21°. The structure has an average thickness of 4 feet and in some places as thick as 10 feet. The mineralization is accompanied by sporadic carbonates of copper as malachite and eventual chalcopyrite while gange is represented by quartz and barite. Silver values are low and range between .5 to 2 oz’s. In the area of the mine, there are thick limestone and purple shale beds outcropping which have been intruded by a white coarse crystalline quartz manto from 2 feet thick up to 10 feet thick. Based on field observations in the general area, there are many Quartz Mantos above and below the main structure. There has not been any samples taken from these mantos yet, however, visually the rock looks the same and carry sulfides and oxides. Based on satellite images of San Jose Peak and outcroppings of the quartz manto, it appears to have a strike of greater than 1400 feet. It’s evident that the virgin ore east of tunnel 1 is still intact and open towards the North, East, and Northeast. Tunnels 2-4 show ore intact at the face and are open towards the North, and Northeast. See sketch of manto from tunnel 1 to the east.

This quartz manto has numerous chalcopyrite inclusions; these inclusions appear to be what are carrying the gold values ranging from 8 grms/ton up to 18 grms/ton Gold and 55 grms/ton silver and .2 % Copper, however, one assay result taken from a 3 ½ feet chip sample in tunnel number 1 had no visible chalcopyrite and showed .446 oz/ton gold. Under microscope free gold is observed in the oxidized chalcopyrite as well as free gold in the quartz.

There is evidence of mineralization extending beyond the walls of the contact into the shale and in some areas as far as 10ft into the shale was observed. Any contacts with the lime formations and intruded quartz needs to be further studied for these areas are of the most interesting for larger high grade deposits.

There is very little history that could be found on this property. Based on personal communication with the locals in the town of Naco, it is believed that the ore concentrates were shipped to the Cananea Smelter sometime between 1950 and 1960’s. An attempt was made to locate any documented shipping records from the Cananea Copper Smelter located approximately 20 miles southwest of the property, however, based on the numerous strikes at the smelter during the last few years, no progress has been achieved. The owner and operator of the mine at the time was a German individual which had apparently died of a heart attack at the property, and the property was passed on to his Mexican wife. The property has not been worked since. It is evident that a mining operation was established in this area. There are ruins of a small mill at the base of the mountain as well as a tram system used to lower the ore from top of the hill down to the mill site. Based on the ruins of the old mill site, it is estimated that a mill probably 50 tons per day was used. Hundreds of tons were removed from the stopes of the west tunnels 3 and 4, and based on underground observations; it appears that mining started from the farthest west tunnel number 4. It is evident that mining had stopped in ore. It is of the writer’s conclusion based on observations made during previous visits to the property that the EL OROTIO is underexplored and with the ore still intact that this property can be put on production with minimal costs. It is also the writer’s opinion based on the geology and historical workings, many new mantos and veins are yet to be discovered in the immediate area.

Looking for a private investor and or Junior Mining Company to carry out a work program to put the OROITO back into production. Owner will consider all reasonable offers.