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Emerald Mine Zambia Seeking Partnership

3 emerald mines

Mine Details

Location: Zambia
Commodities: Emerald
Available Terms: Joint Venture


EKS Mining International Limited owns 3 emerald mines in the emerald rich area of Lufwanyama Ndola Rural in the Copperbelt Province in Zambia, and is seeking an investor experienced in gemstone mining to partner with to bring the operation of all 3 mines to a level on par with the largest emerald producing mines in the world.

Location and Access

Emerald rich area of Lufwanyama Ndola Rural in the Copperbelt Province in Zambia


One of the mines has been operated on extensively over the past year and produced about 120 grams of emeralds at a depth of 10 meters, which have been stored/secured for viewing/inspection by potential investors. The mine sits on 24 hectares of land and is directly adjacent to a mine owned by Grizzly Mining Limited, which is the second largest emerald mine company in Zambia behind Kagem Mining Limited (Gemfields). The mine has an open pit size of 50m x 100m, with a depth of 25m. The open pit has all the indicators for emerald mineralization including Talc Magnetite Schist (TMS), Pegmatites, Quartz Tourmaline (QT) veins, large Quartz crystals and reaction zones (Biotite Phlogopite Schist). In addition to pictures of the produced emerald samples, several documents are on hand and can be shared with an NDA in place. These include geological reports produced by independent geologists from Zambia and South Africa, several pictures and videos of the mine operation, valid mining licenses/company registration documents/ZEMA environmental reports and a gemology report for the produced emeralds. Additionally, a site visit to the 3 mines can also be arranged/coordinated with the onsite team for potential investors.


Desktop and field geological surveys have been performed on all 3 mines. These can be shared with potential investors after an NDA is in place.


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