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Hatcher Pass, Alaska – 80 acres on Purches Creek

Alaska Gold Mine State Claims - Location, Location

Mine Details

Location: Alaska, USA
Commodities: Gold
Available Terms: For Sale
Price: $140k 2x40 acres or $70k ea OBO $USD, BTC, Au, Ag


80 Pristine Acres STATE (Not Federal) Gold Mining Claim on Purches Creek in Hatcher Pass.
2023-24 Rent & Affidavit of Mining Labor - Paid, Submitted and Registered. Ready for Inspection.

Location and Access

Eighty (80) acre claims (2x40 acres) on Purches Creek in Hatcher Pass outside of Wasilla, Alaska. Access uses existing RST's and trails. ADL #'s 668720 & 668721 – Golden Bear #'s 2 & 3: Seward, 20N, 1W, 17NE of NW.

Close to Wasilla, Alaska (23.5mi). 60mi from Anchorage. Fuel, equipment and supplies are fairly close. This is all about Gold & location, location, location.

Zoom out on map below to appreciate. It's a little challenging to get to at first, but that's why the Gold is still there! It's isolated and remote... but it's not.


Placer or Suction Dredge Mining.
Check out on Alaska DNR Mapper to really appreciate this rare location and opportunity.
Begin a new legacy.


Purches Creek runs basically down the middle of these East/West 2x40 acre claims in a magnificent valley. A steep mountain side to the north slopes down into the creek. To the south the valley gently slopes away from the Independence Hard Rock Mine mountainside. The beginning of the claim is at a confluence of two large streams draining two large valleys.

There are countless small, medium, large and very large boulders in the meandering stream as it heads west.


This claim is downstream from the richest Hard Rock Gold Mine in Alaskan history - the Independence Mine. This is some of the last untouched virgin ground; let alone available, in this famous gold mining area in Alaska. Another valuable consideration which makes it unique, is that it is fairly close to civilization.

I bought it in 2014 as a back-up mining investment if the 1st mine I purchased didn't pan out - but it looks like it will (Thank God). I probably will never start a new venture away from my primary location of 12 years - which I love. I will most likely buy another excavator or loader with the money from this sale.

This is a great location because it's close to Wasilla and will be great producer. My other mine is more remote and 110 miles away.

These claims are only going to get more valuable as time goes on with world events; and Gold has moved up to $2,400.00+ per ounce!!!

People literally pay to take quad and side-by-side tours into this area as it is incredibly beautiful, has fantastic hunting (Moose & Bear if you're into that); and makes for memorable family outings, great adventure and priceless good times.

I estimate this ground will produce an average of 0.2 - 0.25+ troy ounces per cubic yard after removal of vegetation and overburden; a lot more when you hit a honey-pot under a huge boulder. Go Junior Miner or be a recreational suction dredger in the stream along the edge and around the rocks/boulders. Bedrock ranges from 2-25' depending on where you are on the property.

In today's market this investment for the future could pay for itself in one season. GOT GOLD?

Additional Information

For Sale
(5 Two Zero) - Nine 7 7 - Two 5 One Zero - PST, USA
Call Anytime - ask for Doc. Thank you.



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