20 Acre Lode Claim For Sale or Lease Option

Historic Mount Massive Gold Mine

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Commodity: Gold, Iron, Pyrite, Quartz
Location: Colorado, USA
Terms: For Sale, Lease Purchase Option
Price: $22,000

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Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. is proud to present the Historic Mount Massive Gold Mining Claim for Sale. This is a 20 acre Lode Mining claim for sale exclusively through Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. The claim is located not far out of Leadville, Colorado. The Mount Massive has been properly staked and marked at all corners. All Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. claims have been meticulously surveyed, mapped and researched. Field work is completed by our own experienced, well versed Mine Survey Team.

Lackawanna Gulch District – Lake County, Colorado
You can drive directly to mine COLAK_12622. You will have to hike about 200 feet to COLAK_12765. There is a very old and overgrown road that will lead almost directly to COLAK_00019 but you will have to hike the remaining 300 feet to this mine.

The majority of the road can be navigated by a 2WD vehicle. It is the remaining 4 miles that will require high clearance 4WD. There is a river crossing that is too high for a UTV/ATV early season but is passable late season. Full size 4WD vehicles are advised to equip snorkels for river crossing which can be up to 40 inches in heavy run offs.
Contact us for exact coordinates

The Mount Massive mines are a stones throw from the Historic Champion Mill. The previously abandoned mines are now part of a single claim written to capture the trending of the lodes based on geological mapping. The mines are cut on a series of lodes and veins, similar in structure to that of the Champion mine less than 1 mile east on the same general trend. The claim is a full 20 acres and covers a running, year round water source. There are roads to the upper mines but they are very overgrown and will need some clearing and dragging work.

An old miners cabin sits below the lowermost adit entrance and is built up on the old waste dump from the mine. The main mine camp is hidden farther up in the trees and is a conglomeration of a few old cabins, a camper and an outhouse spread among a small clearing. There are two primary adits on the claim that are open and large enough to be worked. They show good gold ore bodies and would be a simple effort to work.

There are two factors that have kept these mines off the general radar and unworked. the first factor is weather. At 11,800' the mines are covered in snow for 5 months out of the year at least. When the heat comes and melts off the snow, the second factor arises, that of the river crossing lower on the trail. There is no other way up to the basin than through the river. This river in mid-low run off is 24-36 inches deep and nearly 25 feet across as you need to navigate slightly up the river to access the other bank. In heavy run off the water is an estimated 5' deep and roughly 30' across. Its also very fast moving. Experienced off road drivers will have no trouble crossing in full size vehicles equipped with 4WD and a high mounted snorkel.. UTVs, ATVs and Motorcycles will need to exercise caution at this crossing and only do so when they feel the conditions are safe. As a result of this river crossing, the only traffic the site sees is mostly hikers and historians hoping to see the Champion Mill before it collapses.

There are two main adits on the claim that show gold ores in pockets. These are high grade veins that have been worked in some instances and only identified and staged in others. There is a small adit near the main road with an old cabin below it. The waste dump that the cabin is built on shows pyrites and some bits of gold. This old adit entrance will need to be dug out to be examined.

The mines here were worked for gold. High grade mines such as this were an excellent value and often held as assets or part of larger claim blocks. From 1920s claim maps, these mines were owned by Champion Mining and Milling. This likely explains why they have been sampled and opened. The larger Champion mine up the gulch was in full production turning and average of 3.2 ounces of gold per ton. This was shipped to the mill via a 6100' tram system. Mines that were closer to the mill likely had no such journey in getting ore to the mill for processing. The Champion reported 26,500 ounces of gold prior to 1925. There was likely much more that was not reported.

These previously abandoned mines are very valuable for their gold deposits and for their historical context as some of the original workings of the district and some of the very last left that can still be worked for their high grade gold deposits.

Mineralization consists of quartz, pyrite, galena, and gold in pods and dilation zones in the fault, which is interpreted as a reverse fault. Typical pod dimensions are 20 to 160 ft along strike and 30 to 120 ft along dip. Widths are on the order of 1 to 10 ft. These mineralized pods, in an otherwise continuous, but narrow vein tend to occur in the flatter portion of the vein and near horizontal breaks in the hanging wall or footwall. The mineralization consisted of white quartz with occasional (up to 5 percent) pyrite, galena, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, and gold. Approximately half of the gold was free, and typically not visible. The rest of the gold was commonly associated with pyrite. There was no apparent lateral or vertical zonation. Alteration consisted of silicification and argillization next to the vein and continuing up to two ft away, with more distal propylitization.The rock in the area is typically black biotite or hornblende schist. This schist contains local injections of gneiss and granitoids. The wall rock for the Mt Champion Mine is the Proterozoic Mt. Champion quartz monzonite, which forms a sill-like body. This is a light-gray, medium-grained rock, with quartz evenly distributed throughout and feldspar grains up to 5 mm. The quartz monzonite contains some coarse biotite, and minor amounts of apatite and magnetite. The best portion of the vein is in the quartz monzonite; where the vein crosses into schist, it becomes thinner, and quickly turns into a series of thin stringers, with more lower metal grades, such that it couldn’t be mined. In addition to the schist and quartz monzonite, thin dikes of fine-grained, gray, alaskite porphyry occur in the area.[1]

This mine resides in the vicinity of Lackawanna Gulch, and is less than a mile east of the famous Mount Champion mine, There are no other abandoned mines in the valley or general vicinity. The area is highly desirable because of the gold content of the veins in the area. The Champion Mining company reported over 26,500 ounces of gold recovered at an average rate of 3.23 ounces per ton. Some pockets of the ore ran as high as 51 ounces to the ton.

Within the general Lackawanna Gulch area, Howell (1919) reported an additional five veins. These are respectively; the Eureka, Independence, Mauser No. 1 and No. 2, and D.M. Elder veins. Typically, these are quartz, pyrite, gold, plus or minus galena veins of limited strike length and thickness (typical vein widths of 0.5 to 1.5 ft). [1]

These mines in an ideal location, very close to the historic champion mill. Mine ID COLAK_12765 was much larger than anticipated. The tailings for this mine are very small but the mine was 200 feet long. This indicates most of the ore was high value ore taken for processing. Very little waste rock found. High country mines with steep hill sides may also account for the lack of waste dumps. The waste dump for COLAK_12622 are about the same size as COLAK_12765. Vendor Expeditions Surveyors estimate this mine to also be around 200 feet. Mine ID COLAK_00019 has much larger waste dump. The entrance to the mine is unstable and needs clearing, it is open. Surveyors observed a drift with water line cut into competent rock that makes a sharp turn. Vendor Expeditions Surveyors estimate that at a minimum, this mine is likely 1000-1500 feet in length.

Access to the Mine: You can drive directly to mine COLAK_12622. You will have to hike about 200 feet to COLAK_12765. There is a very old and overgrown road that will lead almost directly to COLAK_00019 but you will have to hike the remaining 300 feet to this mine.
Tailings Present: 50,000 + tons. Mostly waste rock seen in the tailings piles.
Entrance: All mine entrances were timbered and gated at one time.
Mine Cut: Adit
Depth / Length: Vendor Expeditions surveyors anticipate COLAK_12765 and COLAK_12622 to be around 200 feet each. The COLAK_00019 mine has much larger tailings and is likely 1000-1500 feet in length.
Minerals in the Mine: Iron, quartz, gold, pyrite.
Foot Traffic in the Mine: Light to none
Last Worked: 1941 est.