Gold Development Project For Sale - Kazakhstan

Korday Gold Deposit

Mine Details

Commodity: Gold
Location: Kazakhstan
Terms: For Sale, Negotiable
Price: $6 Million USD

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The Contract(The License) for the exploration and extraction of gold on Korday area dated 15.12.2006.
Validity of Contract -25 years.

According to the geological survey, which has been executed by the local geologists, after further exploration of Central and West ore zones ( which may require 1.5-2.0 years),there will be prepared for open mining a gold deposit with reserves up to 10 tons of metal.

Korday area is located on the territory of Korday region of Zhambul dstrict of Kazakhstan, 22 km.of north of the regional centre of urban-type settlement Korday.In 10 km. east and 10 km.south of the area lays roadway Almaty-TashkentT

Administratively, the Korday area is located on the territory of Korday region in Zhambyl oblast, 22 km north of the regional centre of urban-type settlement Korday and 70 km east of the nearest railway station Birlik.

Geographical coordinates of the deposit: N: 43°15’-43°24’; E: 74°25’-74°39’. n 10 km east and 10 km south of the area (through the settlement Betkaynar) lays roadway Almaty -Tashkent. The nearest town – settlement Sogandy is situated 3 km north from the area. In the centre of the area there is a pit for extraction of facing granite. There is 110 kW power transmission lines, power supply can be carried via transformer substation.

Within the scope of Korday area are developed deposits of Proterozoic age, all divisions of the Ordovician, Devonian, Carboniferous, Neogene and Quaternary.

Proterozoic sediments (PK2). Metamorphogenic formations, with a certain degree of conditionality referred to the Proterozoic found in the north western part of the plate ?-43-30-?. They form a narrow (0,5-1 km wide) strip along the south-western slope of the mountains Kendyktas and numerous xenoliths of various sizes among Proterozoic and Late Ordovician granitoids. In the section with overlying Ordovician sediments and Proterozoic intrusions contacts are mostly tectonic. The more ancient (underlying) rocks in the investigated area are not available.

Proterozoic metamorphic rocks are composed of different composition and degree of metamorphism of the rocks - biotite-plagioclase gneisses, amphibolites, mica-plagioclase-quartz, plagioclase-quartz-mica-chlorite schist, quartzite, marbles and marmorized limestone.

Thickness of these formations in separate blocks of reaches 880-900 m.

Ordovician deposits. In the Korday area deposition of Ordovician system is developed extensively. Areas of their distribution are limited by large tectonic sutures and they do not actually have any stratigraphic relationship with the underlying or the overlying sediments.

In lithological composition of Ordovician sediments are subdivided into two suites - the lower sedimentary Shcherbakty and upper rgaytinskaya volcanogenic-sedimentary:

Shcherbakty suite (O1-2 shr) is the apparent basis of the cut Lower Middle Ordovician sediments. Lower suite is not exposed; full of cuts and the relationship with the underlying rocks have not been established.

Rocks of Shcherbakty suite are established along the southern slopes of the Kendyktas mountains to r. Kokpaktas in the west.

Water inflow to the mine workings, including an experienced careers are possible due to fracture of groundwater and surface runoff. Constant surface runoff along the thalweg Sai and their slopes are not available, there are only a short period in the loss of a large number of intense rainfall and snowmelt.

Protection of mining from surface water will be provided building upland drainage ditches and levees.

In 2012, 16 scheduled for prospect evaluation work within the contract area. Complex search and evaluation work includes core drilling of exploratory holes, drilling wells air percussion, tunneling and clearing ditches, testing, analytical studies, sampling and analyzes of the bulk sample, the selection of laboratory and process samples, laboratory-tested technology, determining the volume weight and physical mechanical properties of rocks and ores, and hydrogeological investigations.

On the complexity of the geological structure of the site of work relates to the third category. Category 3 terrain.

Mining operations are planned to search for and evaluation of ore-bearing zones in the contract area with the definition of their industrial importance.

Exposure territory is 40%, the rest of the square power of unconsolidated deposits, confined to a negative relief forms of 2-7m.

Excavation of ditches and trenches to provide slightly shrouded areas to tap, testing and tracking on the surface of the potential ore zones, and bodies, as well as to study the characteristics of the geological structure of parts.

The total volume of ditches and trenches, subject to documentation is 9020m 3.

Category of geological study – 5, ch. till1m

Drilling of core holes provided in all areas where ground-based exploration work established the presence of ore zones with industrial gold-bearing, including the scattered occurrences for the final evaluation of its industrial gold-bearing.

The total volume of drilling – 6000 ml.

Full geological and assay report available upon request. Sale includes 100% ownership of Metalinvest.