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Operating Coal Mine For Sale

Coal mine for sale

Mine Details

Location: Kentucky, USA
Available Terms: For Sale
Price: $13,000,000.00USD


Operating Coal Mine For Sale

Comes with 2 active mining permits, 500+ permitted acres. 

The sale will include permits, leases, coal contracts, and equipment. The operating company is debt free and in good standings. There are about $2 million up in bonds that will need to be replaced. They are working on adding to the current permits so these numbers could go up.  

There are close to 2000 acres estimated that could be leased from adjoining properties. There is a little under 2 million estimated tons of reserves on current leases.  

The mine can produce 8,000-10,000 tons per month on each permit, running 5/10hr days per week (50hrs per week) with the equipment listed in production. If you add a second shift, you could more than double your production. 

Mining Ratio 8:1 

This is a complete turnkey opportunity.  

Location and Access

Eastern Kentucky


3 minable seams 

Seam 1 runs on average - 24 inches 

Seam 2 runs on average - 14 inches 

Seam 3 runs on average -50 inches 

Total inches of minable coal - 88 inches 

Coal Quality 

Seam 1- BTU 12,200, Sul 1.2, Ash 8 

Seam 2- BTU 12,200, Sul 1, Ash 8 

Seam 3- BTU 11,900, Sul 1, Ash 9 

Cost of Mining Estimates 

$40-$45 per ton for mining 

$15.00 per ton haul bill to river 

$2.50-$3.00 per ton for lease 

$1.00 per ton for Engineering fee 

$0.25 per ton for wheelage 

$0.50 per ton Consulting fee 

Price of Central Appalachian Coal 09/30/2022 

$190.00-$205.00 depending on spec 

Equipment List Included 

1-CAT D11 

1-CAT D10 

1-CAT D9 

3-CAT D8 

2-CAT 992D 

2-CAT 775D 

2-CAT 775E 

1-CAT 990 

2-CAT 980 

1-CAT 988 

1-CAT Grader 

2-Drill Tech 45 

1-John Deere Excavator  


1-Lube Truck 

1-Water Truck/Pressure Washer 

1-Office Tailer 

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