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Commodity: Gold, Platinum, Rare Earth, Rhodium
Location: Idaho, USA
Terms: For Sale, Joint Venture
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All Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility protocols, stake/record claims (70), State and Federal agencies filings, drill core holes and independent lab validations have been completed for a land area of 2 ½ square miles.

Proven reserves in the drilling grid is 50 million tons of ores on only 3 of the 70 mining claims, with a value in excess of US $54 billion.

Based on a customized assaying on core hole composite samples and
pilot testing the Halide leach process on the Partnerships ore, the
Partnership has developed a 50 million ton Gold, platinum and rhodium
reserve. The current discounted market value of all metals in this proven
reserve on just 10 claims is over 25 billion dollars. The Partnerships
claims also contain significant Rare Earth Elements including Cerium,
lanthanum, niobium, rubidium and yttrium.


Bulk Sample permits have been obtained and 2,600 tons of ore are ready to be processed. Permitting ready to start on the 50 million tons reserve.

The process has been proven through Pilot Plant testing, the method being used is a halogen vat leach (no cyanide). The customized eco-friendly commercial process received quick zoning approvals from the County/State officials (DEQ, Local P&Z & MSHA) as a result. The process recycles all solutions and the waste rock is benign.


The host rock is a “Volcanic Rhyolite” that has been homogenously mineralized with precious metals from surface to depth, (drilled only to 250'), 3,000 ft of core.

Operational pilot plant has recovered onto resins the following metals: Platinum, Gold, Rhodium and Rubidium.

Mineralogical rare earth elements found: Cerium, Lanthanum, Yttrium, Niobium and Neodymium.

120 tons have been already processed during piloting. Ore is a high grade Gold & PGE deposit with a Sulfur content of less than 0.2%.


Owners have worked diligently since 2004 to build excellent community relationships with local residents, city, country and BLM.

The County and State are mining friendly / want the jobs and tax income derived from it.

The property encompasses 2 square miles, which are under the Partnerships control on 70 claims.


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