60 Acre Montana Lode and Placer For Sale

Price Lode and Placer Mineral Property

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Commodity: Gold
Location: Montana, USA
Terms: For Sale
Price: $60,000

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The Price Group of claims is a notable historical property in the Ophir District in Powell County, Montana. The mine is a combination of lode and placer claims positioned to cover the entire region containing the valuable workings and defined veins.

The claims are positioned in the top 1/3 of Carpenter Gulch on Carpenter creek, roughly 2 miles up from the famous Ophir Creek placer mine at the base of the gulch. The patented Daisy group is north of the Price Group.

The mine is both documented and established as a gold producing property. Numerous documents report the Carpenter Bar (Carpenter Gulch, Carpenter Creek) as the richest deposits in the district with gravels and bars up to 40 feet in depth.

Native gold is the primary product of the bars and the district is home to the largest gold nugget found in Montana.

Good 4WD access to the entire site. The nearest town with amenities is Avon Montana.

Access to the property is via a good 4WD road that leads from the old town of Ophir, through the flats of the old placer mine and then up Carpenter Gulch, closely following Carpenter Creek. There are some deep ruts and steps in the trail as it continues up the gulch to the mine. 4WD is highly recommended for steep ascents and descents coupled with ruts that are up to three feet deep. Rock steps are up to 18 inches in height and can set vehicles off-camber.

In addition to the placer workings and operation, there are lode mines on the property. A group of at least 3 mines, 2 adits and a single shaft with a collapsed headframe are on the property. The primary adit, just below the shaft and headframe, has a consistent flow which is captured in a holding pond. The water is clear and shows no visible concerns.

An old cabin sits near the northern end of the property and could be rebuilt and repurposed with a properly filed Notice of Operation.

The property was surveyed in 2015. The miners working the site stated that they recovered 60 ounces of gold in 2 weeks work, processing roughly 40 tons of the bar. The miners also stated that they were working the property under a lease and were restricted to only one month out of the year that they could work. Offers to purchase had been rejected by the claim owner.

The claims were acquired by Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. in 2018 and show little to no change in surface disturbance according to Surveyors.

There are an estimated 50k tons of placer tailings on the claim. Surveyors report these tailings are not worth addressing. The bars on the property are only partially addressed. A large bar at the current wash plant is estimated (based on historic calculations) to have 500k tons of material to be processed. Farther down the gulch, another large bar has been sampled but not worked. It is estimated at 300k tons.

Finally, in or around 1933, there were specific veins noted on the property. These veins said to carry good values in native gold. The lode claim is written to address these veins though the gold may be found in the bar and placer workings. There is no historic reporting or definition for the lode deposits on the property which will need to be de-watered to be assessed.

Please note that the equipment in some of the images is not included in the sale and has been removed.

Contact Gold Rush Expeditions Inc. for a GRMP-43 report that details the geology of the Price Group

Past claim owners reported 60 ounces of gold in 2 weeks work, processing roughly 40 tons of the bar. Contact Gold Rush Expeditions Inc. for a GRMP-43 report that details the history of the Price Group

The Price Group is available for in house financing. Contact Gold Rush for more information or with questions.