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Elko County Gold Mine For Sale. 59,786 ounces – Property 2

Former United Nation Engineer's average assays indicate 9.5 grams/ton of ore. 50% mineral rights indicating 59,786 ounces of gold. Mining rich area.

Mine Details

Location: Nevada, USA
Commodities: Gold
Price: $380,000. Terms.


-Former United Nation Engineer's Nov 7, 1979 assayed results, using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy indicated 9.5 g/t or .305 oz/t of gold.
-Estimated proven and probable reserves in total are 119,572 ounces of gold.
-Per June 2022 review per Elko Daily(
ffc250c92d3f.html), the “all-in sustaining costs” to extract one ounce of gold is $1,020 per ounce in this region. Per World Gold Council (, the “all-in-sustaining costs” to extract one ounce of gold globally is $1,123 per ounce. We will use $1,100 as our AISC factor.
-The potential buyer could pay a junior mining company $200 per ounce to extract the gold on this property. Total cost would become $1,300 per ounce. ---No cash outlays.
-Presuming gold market spot price of $1,800 per ounce, that would net $500 per ounce profit before taxes.
-Permitting from State of Nevada takes approximately 12-18 months.

Location and Access

Forty acres deeded rich mineral property called Elko40 located in the heart of mining district of Elko County, Nevada. Mining friendly state that is the fourth largest gold producer in the world. APN 007-34i-005, Township 37 North, Range 59 East, Section 29, NW ¼, SW. Township 37 North, Range 59 East, Section 29, NW 1⁄4, SW.


-Estimated annual production of a mini mining operation: (7.7 tons/hr) X (3.05 oz/t) X (8 hours daily operation) X (5 days/wk) X (50 weeks/yr) = 46,970 oz of gold/year.

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