20 Acre Lode Claim For Sale

Rena Mineral Property

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Commodity: Gold
Location: Montana, USA
Terms: For Sale
Price: $13,000

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The Rena Mineral Property is located on the east flank of the Elkhorn Mountain range in the famous Radersburg District in Broadwater County, Montana. The Rena Property abuts the Jebro Mineral Property and the mineral outcrops and samples are very similar. The variation present on the Rena Mineral Property is lack of development. The rocks and dumps at the Rena show far less oxidation than those at the Jebro. This is likely due to the fact that the mines are cut on different lodes.

The Rena Mine also has enough documented history to make the assertion that the Rena is far more extensive in underground infrastructure than the adjacent Jebro

The Rena Mineral property is a textbook example of mines in the Radersburg District. The Radersburg District is known for having a large number or small, hand worked gold mines. Some very old, all known for wide veins of coarse, native gold. Easily separated by crude methods such as rudimentary crushing or arrastras. The veins or lodes are usually steeply dipped or vertical.

The Rena is strictly a gold producing mine. The ores reported by Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. surveyors showed high value, coarse, native gold in pyrites with quartz. Bearing on the reported geological formations of the area, the veins likely dip steeply and the shaft on the site was cut chasing the vein directly as is common in small scale mining operations from the late 1800s.

Located in Broadwater County, Montana. High clearance 2WD vehicle can make it to the claim. You can drive directly to the mine entrance.

The Rena Property is a single twenty (20) acre lode claim. The claim is written running generally east to west. The claim encompasses the entire workings of the mine, including all the waste dumps and likely general trending of the vein on which the mine is cut. This vein is thought to be nearly vertical.

The Rena has very little history, with very little documented information available. It is of note, that in 1910, a Bureau of Mines Surveyor reported that the mine was being actively developed and that nine (9) men were employed at the site. This gives some indication of the scope of development at the site.

In 1951 the mines in the area were surveyed by Bureau of Mines Surveyor and reported to have rich, gold bearing pyrites, limonite and some magnetite. The ore is known to be “quartz-poor” the inference being that there is very little quartz associated with the pyrites and gold as is usually found. Also in this year, the same surveyor reported the outcrop to be three (3) feet wide at the surface. The vein had been opened by a five hundred and fifty (550) foot shaft with drifting of four hundred (400) feet. The shaft was reported as inaccessible in 1951.

Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. Surveyors documented the property in 2017 to have what appears to be a covered shaft with a short side drift intercepting it. The workings were reported as being in rough condition and in need of rehabilitation.

There is no assumed milling done on the site as the waste dumps, which are quite substantial, are completely intact and not modified. There appear to have been some sampling taken from the claim as there are two cutouts visible in the waste dumps where a tractor or similar looks to have taken a chunk out for an undetermined purpose.

The mine appears to have been strictly underground development. There are no remnants of buildings or foundations visible at the site. There are substantial waste dumps which would support the assertion of a deep shaft and some development of workings at a lower level.

Surveyors noted that depending on where the workings are at, the miners were likely addressing a deposit similar to that of the Keating or Ohio where orebodies were reached and explored at depths. The claim sits on relatively flat land at an elevation of 4600’.

Contact Gold Rush Expeditions for a GRMP-43 Technical report that details the geology of the Rena Mineral Property

Contact Gold Rush Expeditions for a GRMP-43 Technical report that details the history of the Rena Mineral Property

Contact Gold Rush Expeditions for more information or questions.