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Shawmut Mine

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Commodity: Copper, Gold, Lead, Silver, Zinc
Location: USA, Utah
Terms: For Sale
Price: $25,500

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Located in the Bonanza district which has been largely abandoned since the early 1980s gold rush. The other patent properties in the area have been absorbed by the USFS and have no mineral rights available. This makes the majority of the district public land with little to no impediments.

The property is highlighted by the main mine area which consists of a large waste dump pile of at least 35,000 tons. Average assays from the waste dump are .44 oz/T AU and 11.995 oz/T AG. The workings are not currently accessible and were not sampled for content.

There is also a tailings dump of roughly 10,000 tons just north of the main shaft. These tails were not sampled or assayed.

Location and Access:

Located 50 miles from Salida, Colorado on an easy high clearance 4WD road.


The main access to the mine has been the primary shaft, which was capped and covered in 2003. There is a short decline and air shaft southwest of the shaft which has been gated but is in an advanced state of decay. There are reported to be two adit levels that intersect the workings from both the east and west side of the hill.

The property was a major producing mine from 1880-1920 but gave little in the way of production values, likely to avoid undue taxes and attention. A gravity mill with a crusher and concentrator capable of processing 50 tons per day was built on the property. In addition, at least 3 fine cabins were built to serve as bunkhouses for miners working at the property.

Due to the elevation, there is a limited work season at the site, estimated from May-October on average. Snowpack from November to April averages 13’.

Excellent ores are visible in the dump and as noted in this report and other supporting documents, the values of gold increased with depth while silver waned.

The property was abandoned in the early 1920s due to WWI and the ensuing depression. The property was never restored to its former prominence and passed hands several times until the early 1980s. When the price of gold crashed in 1983, the property was mothballed and has not been addressed in any manner since 1994.


Contact Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc for a GRMP-43 Report that details the geology of the Shawmut mining claim


Contact Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc for a GRMP-43 Report that details the history of the Shawmut mining claim

Additional Information:

The Shawmut property is a high country gold mine located in west-central Colorado. The mine sits at an elevation of roughly 11,800’ above sea level. Despite the high location, the property is remarkably easy to access on high clearance 2WD roads. Contact Jason at Gold Rush Expeditions with questions or for more information.


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