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The Scribner Creek Dawson City

6 Gold Claims For Sale on Scribner Creek

Mine Details

Location: Canada, Yukon
Commodities: Gold
Available Terms: For Sale
Price: $150,000 USD


Scribner creek is famous for its popularity on the reality T.V. show GOLD RUSH for making One of the main characters Parker millions of dollars in gold from a short few years of mining. This valley has been proven to have gold and is all virgin ground. Permits are in place and there is a camp already built. This is not parkers or Tony's property that is being sold. This property has been prepped and drilled to be a turnkey operation for anyone looking to start mining here in the Klondike.

Location and Access

Located in the Klondike, Scribner creek is 78km South West of Dawson City. Scribner creek is a tributary to the Indian River and is located directly at the junction of the Dominion and the Indian River. The access to this mine is 78 km of government maintained road to a 400m driveway that is suitable for a tractor-trailer.


Scribner creek has easy access, proven gold, and is well suited for mining. There are 6 claims for sale. There is gravel on the sides of this valley already exposed only a foot of overburden needs to be removed to expose thawed gravel along the sides of the valley. The claims for sale total an area of 3 square km. There is no equipment currently on this property though there is an option to buy a 120 yard/hr shaker deck and a much smaller 30 yard/hour shaker deck both come with conveyors also pumps and generators can be sold.


This valley is relatively narrow, though it does have 2 tributary's within the length of the claims adding water flow and possibly bringing more gold down from the sides of the valley. Increased water flow also has concentrated the gold deposits in this valley. vegetation is sparse spruce trees and 5-10 ft tall willow bush. These claims are directly above Parker's operation in 2013/14 year and only 3 claims away from that years cut.


The history of this creek can be researched on Discovery channel by watching Gold rush episodes.

Additional Information:
Scribner creek was recently staked into claims and drilled by JGC Drilling Inc. As we are a drilling company we have no interest in mining these claims. If you have any questions regarding this property, please feel free to contact us.

Additional Information

GPS: 63.6311/-138.7273
ELEV: 580m
Width of valley: 141m
Area: 3.019 square km
Road access: 908yard from main rd
Dist from Dawson: 77.8 km
Claim numbers: P516526-P516529,P516553,P516554 (6) claims


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