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Upper Thibert Creek

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Commodity: Gold
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Terms: For Lease, Lease Purchase Option, Negotiable
Price: Royalty

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Upper Thibert creek is a wide valley that has the ability to be a large floating operation . Over the years of discovery mining on the creek was done on its lower section due to its depth and volume of gravel. Many tributaries of thibert (Vowell,Cache creek) were mined by the oldtimers. The lower part of thibert took out over 120,000 ounces by hand ,this gives the upper area to be a potential to have consistent grade of gold . The owners are looking for a respectable miner,who would like to mine the area on a royalty basis.

Location and Access:

The property is located in Northern B.C. , the closest town is Dease Lake. From the town of Dease you would travel north to the end of the lake where you would go north/west on a mining road for 35 kms.


The property consists of 6kms of creek ,452 ha of minable property. The property takes in the mouth of vowel creek which was mined by the old timers. The upper reaches of Thibert Creek remain under explored and no modern exploration has tested grades on bedrock in the main valley. This lack of exploration likely has to do with lower Thibert creeks proximity to the Thibert fault, which is thought to be the source of the placer gold. However, previous mineral exploration in upper Thibert Creek identified gold-bearing quartz veins in rocks of the Cache Creek complex. Furthermore, upper Thibert Creek has similar bedrock characteristics as nearby Dease Creek,which produced over 100,000 ounces.
Placer gold deposit models for upper Thibert Creek are numerous and include buried Tertiary bench
deposits, enriched high-energy glaciofluvial gravel and interglacial deposits on bedrock in the main
valley. The substantial width to upper Thibert Creek valley provides excellent options for out-of-stream
mining. Field investigations in 2015 identified a placer gold-bearing glaciofluvial deposit in the valley.


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