102 High Quality Yukon Gold Placer Claims for Sale with Proven Gold

102 Yukon Gold Placer Claims – Indian River & Quartz Creek

Mine Details

Commodity: Gold
Location: Canada, Yukon
Terms: For Sale
Price: $500,000 USD Down with 15% Royalty over 3 seasons.

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• Owner has 102 active claims on Indian River & Quartz Creek in Yukon.
• High quality, proven ground with some of the best location in Yukon.
• Located 20 Miles/32 km outside of Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada
• Good road access to most claims.
• Has all permits and licenses needed to mine.
• Turnkey operation - All equipment and camp INCLUDED in sale.
• Operations features on Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush.
• Owner willing to finance claims, is well known and respected in the area, with a huge mining network.
• The land is adjacent to a renowned mining operation, one of the biggest companies in the region, which is actively featured on Discovery Channels’ Gold Rush.
• Owner open to consulting with new buyer for first season.
• Reason for Selling: Owner motivated due to family member health issues.
• Asking Price: $500,000 USD down payment with 15% royalty over 3 seasons.

Location and Access:

The claims are located 20 Miles (32 km) from Dawson City, Yukon, which is the second largest city in Yukon. There is good road access to most claim via paved road. Dawson city has a regional airport which offers daily flights from Whitehorse (approx. 75 minutes). Dawson City Water Aerodrome is located next to the community on the Yukon River. Both are classified as an airport of entry and, as such, can handle aircraft with up to 30 passengers. Klondike Highway (Yukon route 2) from Whitehorse is open year-round and other highways are Top of the World Highway (Yukon route 9) and Taylor Highway (Alaska route 5) from Tok, Alaska. Dawson City region has a dry-summer subarctic climate, the average temperature in July is 15.7 °C (60.3 °F) and in January is −26.0 °C (−14.8 °F). The community is at an elevation of 320 m (1,050 feet) and the average rainfall in July is 49.0 mm and the average snowfall in January is 27.6 cm.

From Whitehorse (capital of Yukon), the claims are 330 Miles (532 km) away, accessible via a well paved and scenic highway. Whitehorse is home to the main international airport in territory with daily flights from Anchorage, AK, Vancouver, BC and Calgary, AB.


The Owner has 102 active claims on Indian River & Quartz Creek in Yukon. Each river claim is 500 feet by 1000 feet. Each creek claim is 500 feet by 2000 feet. The owner has been mining the claims himself along with family.

License Details: The license includes water rights to Calder creek, Toronto creek, Quartz Creek and Indian River. This makes the ground invaluable due to the unlimited water is available. There is plenty of ground for construction of settling ponds to assist the discharged water from the sluice. New season of Gold Rush is filmed 4 miles down Quartz Creek which is where claims are located. Quartz Creek is a famous creek for gold. The water license is valid till 2024.

Inspection Details: All inspections have had positive results. There have been no issues or problems with the inspections or inspectors and all operations and procedures were attested to being followed within applicable Mining Laws.

Equipment Included:
• D9G caterpillar dozer
• 235c caterpillar excavator with a 3 ½ yard digging bucket and a 4 ½ finish bucket
• 980C caterpillar loader
• 50-yard double oscillating wash plant with de-rocker Isuzu power plant
• 2011 prowler side by side
• 3 four wheelers
• Semi-trailer with power tools, air compressor, drill press, hand tools and work area.
• 1 additional campsite with licensed septic system for a large camp
• Fully furnished mobile home - 14x70 with 3 room additions
• Semi truck with shop van for mobile shop and storage
• 1 6x6 Pioneer water pump
• 1 6x6 General Motors water pump
• 1 diesel powered Lincoln welder
• 1 Miller welder
• Storage building / gold cleaning room
• 2 2-inch water pumps with lay flat pipe
• 2 3-inch water pumps with lay flat pipe
• Gold cleaning equipment.
• 300 feet of lay flat pipe
• 24-hour power plant at camp
• 32 Foot Fleetwood travel trailer
• 2 rustic cabins


The muck thickness can vary, and in some areas almost 25 ft. has already been removed, with approximately 6 ft. being pushed off. The bed rock layer can vary as well. The average pay gravels is 5 ft. thick. White channel is also present. Adjacent claims are very deep, up to 150 ft. in some areas. GM 1-6 claims have been heavily mined as well as RB1&2. There are still strips and areas of that have not been mined on GM1-3. There is virgin ground present on the south end of GM1-5. These areas are very rich. Ground on RB 1&2 that has not been sluiced. Unmined areas have only about 8-12 feet of overburden on them with a 4ft layer of pay gravel on top of the bedrock. There is plenty of ground for construction of settling ponds. This helps tremendously with the discharge water from the sluice. Positive results from every inspection. No problems with the inspectors. When ground was initially staked, it was determined that company had some of the best choices of ground.

Quartz Creek: Most of the benches, both left and right limits are virgin (approx. 95-98% virgin). Average depth is 8-10 ft. of overburden and 3-4 ft. of pay gravel before hitting bedrock. The bedrock on Quartz is a vertical rotten type of material before reaching horizontal bedrock. The bedrock also varies wave or sluice box riffles, with the deepest being approximately 20ft. Quartz Creek remains pretty consistent depth wise until claim 16 right limits. There the bedrock rises significantly. Assay: 79-80% pure.

Indian River: Most of the claims untouched, very little mining done on them. Big Ben 1-3 has had no work done on them. Bess 12 and Spruce have had some gold taken out on them, but much less than full potential. The remaining Bess claims, all the Autumn claims, Early Winter and claim # P28855, which is in between them, are completely untouched. The depth on the Bess claims on average is 12-15 feet from surface to bedrock, with about 8-10 ft. of muck and 4-5 feet of gravel. Previous minor drilling done on the Bess claims indicated that the gold was very good and consistent. Bess 1-3 showed to be a little deeper in spots but the gold content was very good. The deepest found was 22 feet to bedrock. Again the pay gravel was about 5-6 feet thick. Assay: 81-83% pure.


The Indian River is a large watershed which has been extensively mined. A sizeable percentage of the active placer operations in the Dawson Area are located within the Indian River drainage. The watershed therefore provides the opportunity to inspect various types of mining operations, including dredge, excavator and ground sluicing. There is also the opportunity to assess the extent of river recovery at relatively old sites. The Water Survey of Canada [WSC] has operated a stream gauging station on lower Indian River since 1982. The gauged basin area is 2,220 km². The spring freshet, which begins in early April, is the dominant hydrologic event of the year. Average flows gradually recede over the period until approximately mid-November when winter low flow conditions become established. However, rainstorms within the open water period can result in short periods of higher flow which can exceed those associated with the snowmelt freshet.

The claims run along the legendary Quartz Creek and Indian River. The Yukon Consolidated Gold Corp (YCGC) dredged Quartz Creek after WWII. Remnants of the old hand work indicated presence of high quality gold. The government picked Quartz as one of the creeks to dredge. The first payable Yukon gold was mined from Quartz Creek in 1894 and the creek is still a major production area for gold. The gold is derived from mesothermal quartz veins in the bedrock.

Additional Information:

Detailed Offering Memorandum available on request to QUALIFIED BUYERS ONLY. The owner is highly respected in the region and has a vast network of invaluable connections. The land is adjacent to a renowned mining operation, one of the biggest in the region, which is actively featured on Discovery Channels’ Vendor. The Owner is open to consulting with new buyers and can commit to the following:

• Opening the camp – can be greater than 30 days.
• Getting all the equipment ready for the mining season.
• Showing buyer all the claims.
• Showing buyer how the mining operation runs including dug waterway that is about 1-1/2 to 2 miles long.
• Introducing buyer to the all miners around the creek.
• Introducing buyer to the local parts, fuel and equipment business owners, workers, including gold buyers.
• Introducing buyer to the Mining Recorder and Mining inspectors.


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