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Arizona Mines For Sale

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Arizona BLM Placer Claims For Sale

Geological PHD audited geological reports!

2,240 Acres (112-20ac claims) easy access level placer BLM claims in the famous mineral rich Florence Basin, Pinal County, AZ! Solid, reputable and PHD AUDITED GEOLOGY REPORTS! No overburden! Pay dirt starts at the surface! Preliminary discovery analysis reports for site estimates approx.



Pinal County Placer Claims For Sale


Some of the largest mines in America are in Pinal Co, AZ!! Preliminary Estimates: $3,589,951,180,967, surface to 100’ precious metals per square mile! Easy access level placer claims. Solid geology reports plus audited by a professional independent third-party geology doctorate expert!

San Francisco Gold Mine

60 Acre Arizona Lode Claims

The San Francisco property is an amalgamation of a group of mines cut on the native gold-bearing vein known as the Times vein. The vein is well mapped and noted to run throughout the region. The San Francisco claims are written to follow the bulk of the vein and some offshoots.

Longshot Mineral Property

Arizona Gold Mine For Sale

The Long Shot is a gold and silver producing property with some copper valuations. The property was last worked from 1984-1986 according to Arizona Geological Survey reports. AZGS also reported average shipping ore values of 27 oz. per ton in Silver along with copper, lead and gold.

Green Monster

80 Acre Arizona Lode Mining Claim For Sale

COD Mining Claim

200 Acre Lode mining claim for Sale

The COD mining claim is located 12 miles northwest of Kingman Arizona in the Stockton Hill Mining District which is a subdistrict of the Wallapai (Hualapai District). This district is known for the production of gold, silver, lead and, copper. Gold is found in with silver and some sulphides in shallow workings. Deeper workings find gold in a native form. The …

Ethel Leona Mineral Property

Arizona Gold Mine For Sale

The Ethel Leona is a large gold producing property in far eastern San Bernardino County, California. The mine is located within the Whipple Mountains mining district. This district is known for its large production of gold mining properties. The majority of the mines on the mountain have been removed from locatability by being located on what is now known as …

Golden Turkey Mineral Claim

60 Acres Arizona Claim For Sale

The Golden Turkey Property is a collection of 3 lode claims covering 60 contiguous acres, situated to cover the general trending of the Golden Turkey lode which is thought to run generally east and west, parallel to the Gold Belt lode. The Gold Belt lode is only a few hundred feet from the Golden Turkey and is contained on the claims as part of the Golden Tu …

Moon Anchor – 20 Acre Lode Claim

High grade lead and silver deposit

Development of the site will rely on consistent and reliable processing, volume and logistics in getting the ores to the processor. This is an ideal property for a small miners as the ores could be shipped off site to a processor with minimal permitting requirements.

Gold Basin

80 Acre Arizona Placer Mining Claims For Sale

The gold in this region is reported as coarse nuggets that can range from a few grams to several ounces in size. There is a substantial bar that is reported to be from 70 to 180 wide running along the Hassayampa River. The bar has minimal intrusion and was only impacted by the drag bucket operation that ran from 1938 to 1940.


20 Acre Arizona Lode Mining Claim For Sale

The Roadside Mining Property is a 20-acre lode claim exploring a series of horizontal epithermal gold deposits in the Union Pass Mining District of Mohave County, Arizona. The mine is an excellent stand-alone property as the deposits are relegated to a very small area. The mines have been held by various corporations and JV partnerships as late as 1996.

PGMs, Au, REE & Fe Mine, NM

280 Ac, Plus 5M Tons Mined Head Ore Sale or JV

280 Acres permitted and ready for processing.

Arizona Operating Gold Mine

Patented Gold Mine For Sale

This operating Gold mine is in the heart of Arizona’s gold producing region immediately downstream from an historic Rich Hill site remembered for an abundance of enormous alluvial nuggets found on and near the surface.