Jenean Ehlers, R.N., CLNC, is recognized by Continental Who's Who

April 23, 2018

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STOCKTON, Mo., April 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Jenean Ehlers, R.N., CLNC, is recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Professional of the Year in the field of Nursing in recognition of her role as a Registered Nurse at Cedar County Memorial Hospital.

Amassing over thirty-six years of experience in the field of nursing, Ehlers is a renowned expert within the field. Throughout her career, Ehlers has attained experience within the areas of acute care, public health, emergency medicine, cardiac rehabilitation, and patient safety. A prominent scholar, Ehlers has “taught classes on CPR, Lamaze, arthritic exercise and wellness.” Furthermore, in 1986 Ehlers was responsible for starting a cardiopulmonary rehab program while working as a manager. “I have been responsible for writing policies and procedures as well as policy and procedure review. I am currently responsible for nurse aide education, health assessments and evaluation of performance, as well as immunization administration and all things related to public health,” Ehlers recalls.

Throughout the course of her education and training, Ehlers attained her Nursing Diploma and Registered Nursing designation from the Burge School of Nursing in Springfield, Missouri. In her current capacity, Ehlers holds a number of certifications, including: Designated Nurse Manager for In Home Services, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation certified by Hammon’s Heart Institute in Springfield, Missouri; Certified Legal Nurse Consultant by Vickie Milazzo Institute (2015); Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician by Safekids Worldwide; Certified P.A.C.E. Instructor/Arthritic Exercise; and she is certified in St. John’s Arthritic Exercise Class.

To further her professional development, Ehlers is an affiliate of several organizations including the National Association of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and the International Nurses Association. In recognition of her professional accolades and service to Cedar County Memorial Hospital, Ehlers was awarded the hospital’s 35-Year Pin, marking three and a half decades of continuous and exceptional service.

When not working, Ehlers enjoys spending time with her husband, four children and six grandchildren. Hobbies include quilting, sewing, gardening/farming, cooking, and beekeeping. She also started a farmers market in El Dorado Springs, Missouri.

With a strong desire of helping others, Ehlers recalls when her “community needed an organized farmers market. In 2012, I co-wrote a federal grant for the startup of a local farmers market. It is growing and the community has access to fresh fruits and vegetables from the end of March to the week before Thanksgiving.”  Through her work as market manager, she recognized the need for a community garden, and has laid the groundwork for that.

“During my nursing career, I have found many ways to assist those in need.  I have now embarked on another journey as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, assisting attorneys with medical related cases, and look forward to using my 36 years of nursing experience as I continue to help others.”

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