Tendril Expands Into New Vertical Markets With Solutions That Support Real Estate Professionals and Distributed Energy Generation Providers

March 15, 2016

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BOULDER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tendril®, the leading provider of Energy Services Management (ESM) solutions, today announced a new suite of industry-focused marketing solutions that personalize customer experiences with insights from the way individuals consume energy. The first solutions in the new Tendril Energy Marketing suite, which use advanced energy data analytics and decision science to improve the marketing of energy products and services, are designed for:

  • Electric and gas utilities, and retail energy providers
  • Distributed energy resource providers, such as rooftop solar companies
  • Real estate brokerages and search sites

“The energy industry is changing from a single-supplier model to one where other companies are engaging residential consumers. To lead this evolution, Tendril is helping traditional energy providers move to a collaborative, bundled-services model,” said Adrian Tuck, CEO, Tendril. “Utility success is increasingly contingent on working with adjacent markets, and this collaborative model will help define the role of the utility – as a conductor in a diverse market. By establishing relationships between our trusted energy advisors, home experts and renewables providers, we are creating a dynamic market for energy-related products and services.”

As the energy infrastructure becomes fully digitized and more connected devices enter the home, the volume, variety, velocity and value of energy data is rapidly increasing. This energy data gives organizations the opportunity to expand traditional digital marketing data sources with powerful insights into consumers’ energy usage. Coupled with the increasing demands for consumer-centricity and a desire to buy from brands that show a deep understanding of the individual, Tendril is tapping into unrealized potential for using energy data to better market to consumers.

Introducing The Tendril Energy Marketing Solution Suite

By leveraging detailed insights into energy consumption from every home in North America, the new Tendril solutions enable any company with an energy value proposition in the home to work together to increase conversion rates, reduce customer acquisition costs and strengthen brand loyalty. The first three solutions available in the new Tendril Energy Marketing suite are:

  • Tendril Energy Marketing for Energy Providers: Helps electric and gas utilities, and competitive retailers increase customer satisfaction and engagement by using insights into the energy consumption patterns of individual households to personalize the customer experience. This approach builds brand loyalty, improves program efficacy, lowers the cost of customer acquisition and reduces churn in competitive markets. Additional details are available here.
  • Tendril Solar Target for Solar Providers: Helps solar providers reduce the cost of customer acquisition, which can be as much as $8,000 per household, by using insights into the energy consumption patterns of different households to qualify, evaluate and prioritize leads. Tendril is applying a similar methodology to help utilities market community solar offerings. Additional details are available here.
  • Tendril Current for Real Estate Brokerages and Energy Tracker for Search Sites: Helps real estate professionals strengthen client relationships by providing actionable insights on the energy consumption patterns of different households. Agents can use the insights to maintain client engagement between home purchases and build long-lasting relationships by sharing personalized energy recommendations. Real estate search sites can use energy usage information to provide consumers with insight into the energy expenditure of a home before purchase, which allows them to market and sell energy-related products and services. Additional details are available here.

Data Analytics Creates Synergies Across Energy Markets

Tendril’s data analytics software platform connects the providers and consumers of energy products and services. The Tendril Platform analyzes more than 300 different data types – data on the individual, their dwelling and weather patterns – to support hundreds of millions of consumer interactions per month. This means that consumers are consistently engaging with personalized content generated from the Tendril Platform – from home energy reports and high bill notifications to promotional offers and mobile alerts. Through this personalized content, Tendril enables organizations to establish unique and powerful synergies that ensure consumers are seen as individuals and engaged with accordingly. For instance, utilities can know when someone is selling a home and provide relevant upgrade recommendations; real estate agents can help consumers think through the energy costs of a home before they purchase it; and solar providers can market to homeowners at the point of purchase of the home.

Supporting Quotes

“Our real estate agents have access to several tools that help them stay connected to their client but we are continually seeking new ways to help them stay top-of mind,” said Lane Hornung, CEO and Founder, 8z Real Estate. “Tendril Current gives our agents a new set of client communication tools to engage them between home purchases, empower them to take control of their energy usage, and encourage homeowners to refer new clients. We have seen a great response to using energy information to engage homeowners and look forward to making this product available to even more agents.”

“Energy data contains powerful insights into consumer behavior that are not only valuable to energy providers, but to any organization that wants to gain a better understanding of its customers,” said Carol Stimmel, founder and CEO of Manifest Mind, and author of Big Data Analytics Strategies for the Smart Grid. “Tendril is leveraging its deep understanding of energy science and data analytics in the development of its new energy marketing solutions. This is an effective way to help utilities, solar providers and real estate professionals improve the performance of their marketing programs to provide seamless customer experiences.”

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