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10 Cell Package

Peters Creek Placer Claim Barkerville Area

Mine Details

Commodities: Gold
Available Terms: For Sale
Price: 30000


10 Continuous cells. Placer Registry #1018647. Tenure Name: MISTY MOUNTAIN MINE Claim Size: 194.45 Hectares (480.496 Acres) Renewal Date: August 1st, 2026.

Location and Access

Located in the BC, Canada, historic Barkerville placer mining area. Paved highway 47 km East of Quesnel BC, Then well maintained forestry road South for 4 km. Then 2 Km East on the tote road.


This historical placer gold tenure is rare in that it has full road access along the 1908 Tote Road build right along side Peters Creek.

Includes the 1896 Venture Shaft where mining records state 138 ounces were recovered before water seepage prevented them from drifting further.

The property was owned in the 1980s public company known as Queenstake Mining. They did drilling and test batches. Grades and tonnage are listed in their publicly filed reports with EDGAR. The property may be an asset drop into a shell public company as the property has previous engineer reports registered and accepted by the SEC.

Has placer gold throughout as the property is covered in glacial till. Has some REE minerals as well. 2021 SRC Assay Rare Earth Elements (1000ppm = 1 gram per ton) Titanium: wt 0.84%, Nickel: 2160ppm, Neodymium: 33ppm, Molybdenum: 636ppm, Lithium: 215ppm, Cobalt: 143ppm.

Has historical workings on it including the 1908 Venture Shaft where mining records state 138 ounces were recovered from their 150 foot shaft before water seepage prevented them from drifting further.

Mining season is from April 1st to November 1st.

This property is offered for mining purposes only and ownership of the title does not include ownership of the surface rights or the right to use the surface for residential or recreational purposes.


Placer mining property with glacial till covering the property. Has some blue clay area as well.


Part of the historical records of Barkerville, BC, Canada. The old timers were not able to sink and drift shafts on the property due to the high water table.


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