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Arrastra Mineral Property

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Commodity: Gold
Location: Arizona, USA
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The Arrastra Property is as 20-acre lode and 40-acre placer mining property located in the Crosby (Eureka) Mining District in Mohave County, Arizona.

The Arrastra is primarily a gold placer property that covers an extensive amount of dry wash with black sands and some large boulders. It is undefined where the bedrock level in the wash is. There are also lode workings on the claim in the form of a shaft and some prospects.

The region is known for extensive placer gold deposition and some lode gold deposits such as the Dunlap Mine which is just south of the Arrastra property. Gold is reported as native in form and in oxides in some cases. The property is a few miles north of the Arrastra Mountain wilderness boundaries, north of the Dunlap Mine.

North of the mine is the Southern Cross Mine and the Bagdad and Resolution mines. The Resolution mine being a multi-billion-dollar deposit that is actively being mined by BHP Copper and reports over $15bn per year in profits.

Location and Access:

High clearance 4WD. Closest city Lake Havasu, AZ


The mine consists of a large dry wash that is littered with a black rhyolite-esque boulders. The boulders show oxidization indicating some iron content at some level. There is considerable black sand in the washes, notably at turns in the wash or low spots where seasonal or flash flooding has pushed heavier material. With little effort in digging in and around the black sands, one can find small bits of gold, not in flake but in small, rough nuggets. This indicating that the gold is not far from the source and has not been excessively washed and polished.

Black sands are an excellent indicator of placer gold deposits and associated with high value recoveries. The presence of the black sands and the two washes that converge, tied together with the heavy boulders make this an ideal spot for gold recovery. Black sand gold recovery is often in small nuggets and grains.

The shaft and open cuts on the property are largely collapsed and covered in dirt and sandy material. They appear to be more exploratory than developmental and would require substantial work to clear and sample. Overall, the property is ideal for a small mining operation and could likely support six (6) figure profits for at least 25 years with minimal permitting.

The primary value at the property as noted by Vendor, Inc.® surveyors is in placer gold recovery. This deposit is largely undefined, and the valuations can only be made by surface observations and knowledge of historical development of the site.

It is noted that the mine could be worked without a permit for development by using a truck or vehicle mounted sluice and shaker. Digging by hand to the bedrock level and shoveling material into buckets to be processed and put back into the wash.

The mine location is easily accessible by any 4wd vehicle, with that in mind, the location is extremely remote. There are no services within 40 miles.

The buildings on the claims are not conveyed with the claims, they will require permitting to be used as part of the mining operation or may be required to be removed as part of an active notice of operation. Buildings and structures on mining claims are never part of the mineral evaluation and require permitting prior to accessing or using for mining activities.


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Contact Vendor. for a GRMP-43 that details the history of the Arrastra Mineral Property

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