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Dark Canyon Uranium

20-acre Uranium claim

Mine Details

Location: USA, Utah
Commodities: Uranium
Available Terms: For Sale
Price: 17.000.00


This is a 20-acre Load claim located on BLM land in Emery County Utah, has not been actively worked or assayed since I have owned it.

Location and Access

San Rafael Swell, Emery County Utah. Access via county-maintained gravel/dirt road. Final 1/2 mile via 2 track dirt.


Legacy BLM# UMC408927


Glen Canyon group, Mine is in Shinarump formation at foot of Chinle.
Standard Uranium layer for Utah Uranium mines


This was a very active mining area in the 1950s during the Uranium boom.

Additional Information

I have never worked this mine, as I am not a mining expert by any means. I bought is as an investment and to keep access open to the area as I grew up in the vicinity. My Father was a gold and Uranium miner, and my grandfather was a gold miner both in Glen Canyon prior to Lake Powell.



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