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East Fine Gold Creek Project


Mine Details

Location: Australia
Commodities: Gold
Available Terms: For Sale
Price: 918500.00


Our company was formed in 2020 with the focus on alluvial gold mining. At the same time, we also created an Exploration company to explore the broader area, as there is an unusual amount of coarse and angular gold in the creek, and simply we considered there was a chance that there may be a source of the alluvial gold nearby. Our Mining lease ML20657 is within our EPM 27773.
The sale process may include shares in the exploration company and depending on the number of shares purchased with an option of a seat on the board in Hardrock Minerals Exploration.
lock in your access as first to offer to any prospective Alluvial and Hardrock mining leases within any EPM. Details will be discussed further upon the sale as a ‘Going Concern’.
Proven traces of Gold in Alluvial gravels outlined within EPM 27773. This area provides great position for Alluvial Mining within close proximity of current mine site.
Mining Lease and EPM provided below for the purpose of identifying the area available for Alluvial and Hardrock mining. Gold purity has been tested, results between 96.5 – 97.5% consistently.

Location and Access

200klms North of Mareeba Shire.
120klms of sealed road, 80klms of unsealed roads with access 80-90% of the year.
The Mine is located in the southern region of the renowned Gold bearing area of the Palmer Gold Fields.


From past exploration reports, gold grade is estimated to be 1 gram per 6.1 cubic meters of material. 189m3:1 - 100:1@ 3.2 cubic meters per 1 gram and estimated 50,000m3 of material. This results in about 8333 grams of gold at $2500 troy ounce = <$660,000 in gold! MILLION DOLLAR CK (This creek can be pinned and put under application once sale is confirmed) Outlined in the images of the mining lease in RED are areas tested for Gold bearing Alluvial graves. Trap sites within the creek produce a significate amount of gold in the pan. Estimated 125,000m3 of material, gold grade is estimated to be 1 gram per 4.8 cubic meters of material or better. 150m3:1 - 100m3:1 troy ounce estimate but not limited as our tenements with Hardrock Mineral Exploration are a total of 500 square kilometres with potential gold bearing alluvial gravels. Estimated results within this outlined area is 25900 grams of gold. $2500 troy ounce = <$2,000,000. in gold! GPS locations and photographs taken of pans in this area of interest


Majority of our tenements are shear-zone hosted except for our most southern tenement, which is positioned over an epithermal system it has an alteration zone 18.8km of mostly propylitic alteration. Some rock chip sampling has returned anomalous amounts of HG,AS,SB with some very fine gold in the drainage basins with evidence pointing towards sitting above the boiling point of an epithermal system with workings throughout the alteration zones proving that gold exists in the system. Completed catchment analysis in our shear zone hosted tenements have shown several hotspots worth targeting.
The exploration history of the Palmer River/Hodgkinson Province has shown high potential for possible large scale gold deposits.


The Palmer Goldfield has been the most prolific alluvial producer in Queensland
Ranks fourth among the Queensland goldfields
Estimated total gold production of 1,334,500 oz.
Probable multi-million ounces unreported by Chinese, who were > 5x more prolific in numbers
Previous focus was on high grade narrow vein deposits. Historically spoken in the well known Book 'Gold and Ghost'

Additional Information

Processing Equipment
Shaker Plant hydraulic driven with 12mm screen
6-inch water supply – high pressure spray bars – filter system with manifold to regulate water
3.8 metre sluice with hydraulic riffles and expander mesh
45m3 of material feed rate on averageAssortment of spares include
Sheets of steel plate and expander mesh
1-3/4-inch hose and fittings
10, 12, 16mm screen mesh
Lengths of assorted steel
AH 400 HITACHI - Articulated Dump Truck – 17,800hrsService History
Serviced every 200hrs, Engine oil and filter, fuel filters
New alternator and drive belt fitted 17,700hrs
New drive belt tensioner fitted 17,620hrs
RH rear tyre replaced 17,780hrs
Tooling And Spares
Tyre pressure gauges and inflater – Lifting jacks and dunnage – Eng, Trans, Hyd oils in stock – one spare tyre and O’ring seals with spare tyre valves and tyre fitting lube
KAWASAKI 115 -iv – Wheel Loader 8m3 bucket – 24,900hrs
Serviced every 200hrs
Greased every day of use
1 Battery replaced May 2022
Transmission service – Replaced oil and filters last 150hrs
Hydraulic pilot filter - replaced last 50hrs
Coolant inhibitor - replaced last 10hrs
Alternator replaced – April 2021
Tooling And Spares
Tyre pressure gauges and inflater – Lifting jacks and dunnage – Eng, Trans, Hyd oils in stock O’ring seals with spare tyre valves and tyre fitting lube
CAT 330C EXCAVATOR – 1.4M3 BUCKET – 11,900hrs
Serviced every 200hrs Engine oil & filter, Fuel filters
Greased every day of use
2 Batteries replaced – 11, 200hrs
Hydraulic service – Replaced oil and filters 11,200hrs
Hydraulic pilot filter - replaced 11,850hrs
Coolant replaced - replaced last 11,200hrs
Alternator replaced – 11,100hrs
Final Drive LH + RH oils – replaced 11,100hrs
New Air conditioning system fitted – 11, 100hrs
New Engine Control module fitted – 11,400hrs
LH Track Idler fitted – 11,600hrs
One spare track idler – on site
New Exhaust Muffler fitted
New Engine wiring Harness
All oils replaced 11, 100hrs
Slew Grease replaced 11,600hrs
Hydraulic Pump – rebuilt all new internals and pilot pump
Tooling And Spares
Eng, Trans, Hyd oils in stock – Operators manual and troubleshooting guide.
CAT - ET, compatible laptop and connecting harness

Diesel Powered water pump with AXLE AND TOW HITCH
Very fuel Efficient and mobile – 200 litre in-built Fuel Tank average fuel usage = 7.5L/ph
100 hp Deutz – Diesel turbo, coupled to a new southern cross water pump
6-inch suction – 5-inch delivery
200m 6 inch lay flat
10m suction hose with High Flow Foot-Valve
2 x 6 Stud Toyota rims fitted with 2 x Spares on site
Serviced every 6 months

Dams & water
2 Permanent dams
Top lease dam
Access lease dam
Suction hose set up to Syphon water from the dam down to the mine site area.
(Dam usage terms under agreement with landowner)
- Low cost
- Time efficient
- Minimal Setup required
- Priming pump used to start syphon.
Workshop inventory
Hydraulic hose crimper, dies and crimping chart
Assortment of Hydraulic fittings
Pre-made hydraulic hoses and spare hose of different sizes
Grab kits – bolts, O-ring’s, Seals, grease nipples, Hydraulic caps and plugs, hose clamps
Fabricating equipment – Mig/Stick welders, Rods and wire, Oxy/Gas cutting and heating
Genset and Air compressor with air hoses
Oils – Engine, Hydraulic, Transmission and Gear oil
Rubber support lining for screens on shaker plant/ spare screens/ spray bars and nozzles
300m 2’ lay-flat couplings and clamps
60m 4’ suction hose with couplings and foot-valve
Steel – pipe, flat bar, RHS, SSH, sheet, expander mesh, galvanised pipe fittings
20ltr Grease with pump
Hydraulic 4 Ton Crane fitted to flatbed tray
4500, 9000 and 600 litre fuel tanks
Transfer fuel pump and hose’s
Bore pump, piping and accessories
7.5ka Inverter with solar panels
25 kva generator
Microwave and refrigerator
Shower and toilet amenities
Starlink satellite with wifi connections


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