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Lithum Exploration Opportunity – Western Australia

Australia Lithium and Battery Minerals Opportunity

Mine Details


Australian private company owns 16 exploration licences totalling an area of 1,779 km2 across 7 projects in the prolific Archean granite-greenstone Yilgarn Craton of Western Australia.

The company’s commodities are initially electric vehicle (EV) and battery minerals including lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper, rare earth elements and precious metals including gold and other specialty/critical minerals and uranium. These commodities provide some of the essential minerals the world is counting on in the future with battery minerals to grow substantially within and beyond the next decade.

The Company is at the forefront of mineral project generation with proven experience in identifying new lucrative prospective projects for inclusion into the company’s exploration project portfolio.

* Lithium
* Nickel
* Cobalt
* Rare Earth Elements
* Uranium
* Gold
* Copper, Zinc, Lead, Silver
* Scanium, Caesium, Tantalum

Seeking investment, joint venture, IPO.

Location and Access

7 Project areas comprising of 16 exploration licences for 1,779 km2 in Western Australia (granted and pending tenure). Located in the prolific Archean granite-greenstone Yilgarn Craton of Western Australia - including Gascoyne, Meekatharra, Yalgoo/Paynes Find, Lake Johnston, Cosmo Newbery.


Exploration projects with pegmatites on virtually all 16 exploration licences. Potential for discovery of lithium bearing (LCT) type pegmatites.

* Drill Inferred Resource (non-JORC Compliant) resource of 150,000 tonnes at 0.68% U3O8 containing 92 tonnes of uranium. Resource is open (undrilled) for ~16 km to the south following a significantly high uranium radiometrics geophysical anomaly.
* Historical drilling 14m at 1.01% Nickel from 28m. Assayed for Cobalt at end-of hole (0.08% Co). Nickel prospect is open in all directions. Potential Resource from Historical Drilling: 560,000t at 1.01% Nickel for 5,656t of contained Nickel.


* All tenements within the Yilgarn Craton and the Gascoyne Complex have Archean age granites (~2630 to ~2316 Ma)
* Pegmatites are located on all tenements (except for one targeting other minerals - however it is prospective for pegmatites) based on GSWA geological notes and sampling.
* Liconi methodology for targeting pegmatites is based on the above LCT targeting (i.e. mineralisation to include Muscovite, Biotite, K-Feldspar, Quartz, Apatite, Fluorite, monazite, etc.) and specific minerals from sampling to include Lithium, Caesium, Tantalum, REEs, Fluorine, Zircon, Boron, Potassium, Beryllium, Tin, Tungsten, etc. and granite compositions include Leucogranites, Monzogranites, Granodiorite, etc.
* Most tenements are located within close proximity to existing known LCT Pegmatite exploration projects (ASX listed companies).
* Geology and geophysics over Liconi’s tenements were also scaled to include other minerals for exploration (i.e. gold, nickel, cobalt, copper, other critical minerals, etc.).
* Liconi’s projects includes a small uranium resource and historical nickel-cobalt exploration, both are open in all directions for further exploration / resource expansion.


Very limited historical exploration with significant upside.



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