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Magnesite Mine In Turkey/Eskisehir Region

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Commodity: Dolomite, Magnesium
Location: Turkey
Terms: For Sale
Price: 2000000$

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Location and Access:

Turkey is a huge bridge between Asia and the Europe. Thus, it is easier to access both Asian and European Customers. The tax for a firm is 22% and for each sale the tax is 18%. For each worker, the minimum wage is 360* $ and the insurance is 151* $ total 511 $ (generally workers in mine earn minimum wage except engineers and vehicle operators). (These values can change according to currency rates and government regulations). Each year there are 2 important taxes for maintaining the mine. The cost is around 37000 $ *yearly. (that value can changed according to currency, sold ore amount and government regulations). In Turkey 1 liter of diesel is 1.16 $ * in Eskisehir region.


Our mining field is very close to Eski┼čehir Beylikova. It is 1626 acre or 658 hectare.There is no forest at Mining area so, there is no additional forest fee. The mining field is very close to natural gas pipe lines which is constructed nearest village. It is approximately 5-7 km (3 to 4 miles). Thus, mining field is eligible to construct owen which works with natural gas (calcine or siner owens). The enrichment plant constructed at 2012- 2013. Mining the ore is very easy and cost efficient when compared to the other magnesite fields. Even above of the surface and beneath the surface of the soil the magnesite ore is ready to collect. Extracting soil and deploying it to the bunker enough to obtain enriched magnesite.


The magnesite ore is distributed all around the mining area so, it is easier to reach the ore and there will less excavation. Hence the cost of obtaining the ore is cheaper. There is a huge vein.


Our mine is relatively new, we started to operate at the 2009 and we are the first owners. When we first start it was a clear land.

Additional Information:

Turkey is a good country for doing business. The banking system is working flawlessly. Justice system is working well.


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