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Melba Creek Gold Mine

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Commodity: Gold
Location: Canada, Yukon
Terms: For Sale, Negotiable
Price: $195,000

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Melba has been staked and owned by JGC Drilling Inc. for the last 3 years. The property was first staked due to high interest in a drilling project done in the late eighties. The drilling project showed good promise but due to low gold prices at the time it was not feasible to mine commercially. As the gold prices rose over the last thirty years the ground became of higher interest to miners. JGC drilling staked and held the ground and now with the gold prices on the rise determined it is time to sell their investment. This summer JGC Drilling went onto the property and proved the old drill logs to be accurate and has staked in addition to the 40 existing claims another 4 Mile lease that is equivalent to another 40 claims. 80 claims of proven gold bearing gravels selling for under 2500$ per claim is very difficult to find here in the yukon. Land use permits can be put together by JGC Drilling to fit your customized needs over the winter. Please inquire for the drill logs.

Location and Access:

Melba Creek is located South of Dawson City by an hour-fifteen minute drive on a government maintained road. Melba parallels to the east one of the highest gold producing valleys in the klondike, Dominion Creek. The claims are easily accessed by a road laid out in the photos section of this add.

63 37' 34.6" / 138 31' 11.4"


Melba creek is located south west of Dawson city. Melba creek is a tributary to Australia creek tributary to the Indian river. Melba creek also parallels dominion creek. Dominion and Indian river have earned their reputation for being among the top gold producing valleys of the Klondike since the gold rush. Melba creek is a very wide valley that extends into Australia creek valley. This is beneficial for miners to employ cheaper large scale systematic gold recovery. The creek itself has a 6' wide by 4' deep creek well suited for a larger plant and operation. 2.21 Miles square is the size of the property


The bottom 3 miles of the property is quite flat as the valley is large in size. The elevation of this creek is 1837ft above sea level. The valley is not heavily forested most of the vegetation is 5-10 feet tall willows and aspen trees, with the exception of standing spruce near the steam itself. The gravel consists of 80% quarts rock, a very good indicator for gold.


The drilling project JGC Drilling headed showed a camp had been located on Melba 11 with a stove and many other irons and wine bottles from the gold rush. No large scale mining pits or excavations were observed, as many of the miners worked in underground shafts during the gold rush. The property was staked and owned by others before JGC although no work was recorded besides the drilling project aforementioned. Melba Creek Is considered virgin ground.

Additional Information:

This property has been listed by JGC Drilling Inc. As we are a drilling company not a mining company we have no interest in mining this ground. Therefore we are selling this property at a very reasonable price for quick liquidation. For any more information ie: drill results, road information, more areal photos, and or any other information you may need please feel free to contact us.


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