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Mosquito Creek

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Commodity: Gold
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Terms: For Lease, Negotiable
Price: Royalty basis

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Mosquito creek is a tributary of Thibert creek , 729 ounces of gold were taken out by hand during the early 1900’s by a fellow named George adsit who started an adit into the hillside and worked the ground by himself. In 1929 a company came in and drilled the ground showing very encouraging results,they were able to raise a million dollars to work the ground.

Location and Access:

Mosquito creek is located in northern B.C. From Dease lake you would drive 60 kms north on hwy 37 to the end of the lake ,from there you will take a miners road north west for approx 35 kms to the property. Part of the road needs to be repaired to make it a 4x4 road.


Mosquito is over 5kms in length and 585.75 ha of mining area. The bottom part of the creek runs on bedrock,as you go upstream into the v shaped valley you can see that there is more than one bedrock rim crossing the valley. Deepest hole in the valley was 54’. Since the valley becomes deeper this has the potential to be a glory hole. George adsit by himself started a adit into the hillside (approx 20’ above the creek ) and would recover 30 ounces per year. The valley would be a perfect spot to mine with a floater and later you could mine the hillside on skids. Considerable work was done in the 30’s to hydraulic but it was never finished. One of the tunnels showed .44 opy and a 3ounce nugget. We are looking for a respectable miner that would like to mine the property on a Royalty basis.


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