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Mount Monger Gold and Critical Minerals Project

Mount Monger Gold, Rare Earth Elements, Scandium

Mine Details

Location: Australia
Commodities: Cobalt, Gold, Nickel, Rare Earth
Price: $50,000


* 2 Exploration Licences for a total area of 11.73 km2 (2,898 acres).
* Tenure is located in one of the prolific greenstone belts south of Kalgoorlie that boasts producing mines, gold resources, gold prospects and occurences.
* Exploration opportunity for discovery of gold and potentially critical minerals including rare earth elements, scandium and nickel-cobalt.

Location and Access

The Mount Monger Project is located in Western Australia 582km to the east-northeast of Perth; 54km to the southeast of Kalgoorlie and 26 km to the east-northeast of Kambalda. Access is via sealed and unsealed highway and pastoral station and prospecting tracks.


The Mount Monger Project comprises of 2 Exploration Licences located in a prolific greenstone belt and a tenure land-locked area. The Mount Monger area is a highly sought after gold mining hub in a tenure-locked area that is very difficult to secure projects.

The Mount Monger Fault/Shear Zone passes through one of the licences. The tenements are located in a major Archean greenstone belt surrounded by excellent mining infrastructure including:
* 1.2 Mtpa Randalls gold mine and processing plant located 6km to the east of the project;
* Daisy-Milano mining hub located 4km to the northeast of the project; and
* gold resource deposits; gold prospects and multi-commodity occurrences including nickel, cobalt, lithium and copper.

There has been very limited historical exploration over the project area. The Mount Monger Project is prospective for gold and critical minerals including nickel-cobalt, rare earth elements and scandium. One historical sample assayed 416ppm total rare earth oxides (TREO). Several samples assayed up to 61ppm Scandium Oxide (Sc2O3).

Scandium is a very rare, very valuable critical mineral that is not very well known as it is mostly produced as a by-product of other metals mining. Scandium current trades at over US $2,300 per kilogram (US $2.3 million per metric ton) for 98-99% Scandium Oxide.

Exploration in the local area by ASX listed public companies includes, but not limited to, Silverlake Resources Ltd, Gold Fields Ltd, Lefroy Resources Ltd, Monger Gold Ltd (now Loyal Lithium Ltd), Monger Exploration Ltd.

In the vicinity, there are known gold resources, gold prospects and gold occurrences within close proximity of the Mount Monger Project, including the Lucky Strike undeveloped 99,200 ounce gold resource (Lefroy Resources Ltd) located just 3.5km to the east of the project and the Red Dale 26,000 ounce gold resource located 8.2km northeast of the project.


On a regional scale the Mount Monger Project area is covered by the Lake Lefroy 1:100,00 map sheet within the Gindalbie Terrane of the Eastern Goldfields Granite–Greenstone Terrane, a subdivision of the Norseman–Wiluna Greenstone Belt which is part of the Archaean Yilgarn Craton. The linear greenstone belts of the area comprise a lower mafic–ultramafic volcanic succession of metamorphosed basalts, komatiites, and mafic to ultramafic intrusive bodies, overlain by a felsic volcaniclastic and siliciclastic metasedimentary rock succession. Both successions are unconformably overlain by polymictic conglomerates and sandstones. Granitoid bodies have been intruded at various stages throughout the Archaean and east–west-trending Proterozoic mafic–ultramafic dykes cross-cut the region. Rocks in the area range from greenschist to lower amphibolite facies.

The Projects tenements are located on the Bulong Anticline, of the Gindalbie Domain, within the Kurnalpi Terrane in the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane of the Archaean Yilgarn Craton. The Project overlies the western limb of the anticline, which comprises a greenstone succession of layered mafic sill that is overlain by a package of mafic and intermediate volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks as well as the granitic core of the anticline.


Very limited historical exploratioion.

Additional Information

This is an exploration project for disovery of minerals through exploration sampling and drilling. Great location for metal/gold detecting.



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