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Sunrise Mine on Kangaroo Creek BC Canada

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Mine Details

Available Terms: For Sale, Negotiable
Price: Offering 1000 shares at $420 per share or sell


I hold both the placer and the mineral zones for this area. The property is permitted for drilling. We are offering 1000 shares at $420 per share and a 30 share minimum. This will equal 33 percent ownership of the project. The proceeds are to finance the drilling program. The results of which will be used to qualify the company and project for the OTC market. By going public it will enable us to raise the money to develop the property placer and mineral resources into a producing mine. Warning - This property is offered for mining purposes only and ownership of the title to it does not include ownership of the surface rights or the right to use the surface for residential or recreational purposes.

Location and Access

The Sunrise project is a 21 cell (391hectares) placer claim and 18 cell (360hectares) mineral claim located on Kangaroo Creek in the Cariboo Mining District of British Columbia Canada. This property is north of the historic Quesnel Forks in the Likely. Access is via seasonal Forest Service Roads.


This project has full road access and includes accesses created from logging operations on the property itself. There is a historic cabin onsite that functions as part of a camping area. This placer resource is of a tertiary river channel. It is medium grade but the resource is large enough to make production viable. The initial. drilling program is to find the recoverable average to determine feasibility and development.


Assays show the highest gold at .872 grams per yard with an average of .29 grams per yard from those results. Passive seismic reveals a bedrock profile indicating multiply river channels including a massive canyon draining north. A photogrammetric survey of the property commenced in summer 2022 and will continue through 2023. A published survey by Geoscience shows Sunrise as an area of high magnetics and potential for a porphyry deposits.


There is limited historical information for Kangaroo Creek. What documentation exists describes workings below the falls. Placer gold was historically mined in Kangaroo Creek which empties into Cariboo River, about 9 kilometers northwest of Likely.

Additional Information

More on the project can be viewed at
Upon request a PDF presentation is available. Several videos of the project have been made too.
Free Miners Passive Seismic
3D Photogrammetric model of Kangaroo Falls.
500 meters access slashed out.
Drone footage of Sunrise East Upper Kangaroo
Famous Bullion Mine
***These claims are for mining purposes only.***



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