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The Gloria Z Gold Placer Mine

Mine Details

Commodity: Gold, Gravel, Sand
Location: Colorado, USA
Terms: For Sale, Negotiable
Price: $3,400,000.00

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Gloria Z is a historical placer mine dating back to the late 1800's. The mine is currently functional today as a placer gold mine with a significant aggregate resource that is sold as a bi-product. The Gloria Z was one of the many gold placer mine's where Gold Rush filmed one of their episodes. The Gloria Z is fully permitted (M1984-094) with senior water rights and the infrastructure to deliver water for needed material processing requirements. Recent exploration data is available to interested buyers with the proviso a Non-Disclosure agreement is executed.
The mine site is located within a half mile of Hwy 9, and with 3 miles of Hwy 285. Fairplay is approximately 2 miles south east of the mine. All year access is provided by CDOT and the County

Location and Access:

2001 Platte Drive,Fairplay, Colorado, 80440
The mine is approximately 90 miles west of Denver and 20 miles from Breckenridge. Access is provided by Hwy 285 and Hwy 9. The mine is approximately 2 miles northwest of Fairplay adjacent to Hwy 9. Access can also be achieved using Hwy 9 from the Breckenridge, Colorado The entrance to the mine is 1,340 feet east on Platte Drive after its intersection with Ridge Road. Based on the legal description using the nearest section corner, this entrance is also described as beginning at the NE comer of the NW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Section 32, Township 9 South, Range 77 West, then S 63°39'44" East 1498.51’ to mine entrance


The Gloria Z's existing permit area is approximately 45 acres and another 20 acres that will be amended to the existing permit in 2020. Past mining experience and the recent exploration data confirms gold recoveries have been significant and future mining will be a profitable venture whether mining the gold or the aggregate. While the gold reserves can not be quantified with the existing data, the exploration information is compelling that significant gold values are present. Aggregate reserves are estimated to be 15,000,000 tons with approximately 85,000 tons have been stockpiled for market. Truck scales are in place. The attached photos provide a limited overview of the property.


After 1939 private individuals and com­panies extended their prospecting into these areas, and several new placers were started, but this later work is not included in the present report. The total gross output during the period 1939-42 amounted to about $2,000,000. (Singewald, Quentin,1947.) Site geology is best described as the upper reach of the South Platte River in Pleistocene glacial moraine gravels mixed with some Quaternary gravels of recent age. Sand beds and clay beds are also interspersed with the alluvium. Depths of this material range from 30' to 100' within the permit area. These gravels overlay a bedrock of pre-Cambrian schist, gneiss and intrusive granite, which are also present in the mountains on both sides of the permit area. Free gold is concentrated within 10 feet of bedrock and in close proximity to the undisturbed terminal moraine


Placer gold mining commenced in the later 1800’s, Playfair Land Company acquired the Gloria Z Mine/Sanborn Sand and Gravel acquired in 2001 by Playfair Land Company leased the Gloria Z. Since 2001, the mine produced free gold and a variety of aggregate products.

Additional Information:

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