Gold Claims For Sale

Alaska Mining Claims 320 acres/8-40 acre claims

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Commodity: Gold
Location: Alaska, USA
Terms: Negotiable
Price: 500,000.00 terms available

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These claims have never been mined. Several miles down creek is where the mining in this area started in the 70's. A Paleo Channel was located and mined up to the open cut on the Jubilee Mine. This channel continues north through our claims. In 2016 the Jubilee Mine conducted a drill program. The program detailed a 13.5 acre area within the 1250 ft and 1100 ft elevations that the geologist estimated 2500 ounces with depth at 8ft to 40ft. The elevations are consistent through our claims estimating 320 acres of minable land with ample water supply.
After submitting our POO, we learned that Fish and Game and Army Corps of Engineers has no issue with mining on these claims. Our claims are far enough away from Prospect Creek that no salmon have been found in Milclay Creek. The current POO contains, camp site, mill/processing site, access road, water use and road construction, maintenance and reclamation plan and agreement.

Location and Access:

230 miles north of Fairbanks and 30 miles south of Coldfoot, AK. Driving north on AK-2 (Elliott Hwy) to AK-11(Dalton Hwy) (North Slope Haul Road or The Dalton Hwy) to Gobblers Knob. 3 miles south from Alyeska's Pump Station #5, Red painted gated access, key acquired through Alyeska Pipeline in Fairbanks (issued annually only to claim owners). 6.5 miles via claim owner/miner maintained road to Prospect Creek. After crossing the creek, 1.2 miles to the Jubilee Mine LLC. Access through the Jubilee is granted via BLM. Another 1/2 mile to lower claim block. 2 miles to the claims - F023N0for sale- 023N 014W Section 14, NW and NE quarter sections


Main Image- looking north from the Jubilee Mine, Claims for sale are located at the base of the mountain NE corner, then south 2640 ft and west approximately 5280ft. @ 13,939,200 sqft. Claims for sale are 1.5 miles from the north end of their active mining operation of Jubilee Mine LLC.
Picture #1 Topo Map, showing 3 tributary creeks and Milclay creek entering on the SE corner for approximately 1200ft.
picture #2 Detailing the elevations, creek, sections. Estimated Paleo Channel runs through elevations of 1250ft and 1050ft or Milclay Creek.
Picture #3- Locations we selected for trenching (testing)
Picture #4 Remote Sensing completed by Earth Xplor Inc.


Terrain is gently sloped to flat, mostly tundra brush with ample amounts of blue berries. Some trees on the hill sides. Estimated organics range from 1 to 2 feet with 2 to 4 feet of top soil, gravel begins around 4ft deep. Typically pay can start and have been known to start in the area of hitting gravel.


In the late 60's to mid 70's, oil exploration took place on most of this land. No oil was found. Gold mining started in the 70's on the lower area of Prospect Creek's and it's bench's. This can be seen on Google Earth. The mining continued north to it's present day at the NNW area of the Jubilee Mine. The history of mining focused on the elevations of 1250 ft to 1050 ft.

Additional Information:

We have submitted a road access coming from the north with Alyeska Pipeline, this will lessen dirt road travel by 6 miles. Alyeska pipeline is reviewing this proposal. What we submitted was for pick-up travel only. Keeping the access for equipment coming in on the south road from Gobblers Knob. We can help with submitting POO for Exploration and/or Mining. The submitted POO at this time covers 540 acre (including the 320 for sale) for exploration and mining. We are open to an "Operators Agreement" with a substantial down payment.


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