20 Acre Nevada Lode Mining Claim for Sale

Aunt Ethel

Mine Details

Commodity: Copper, Gold, Lead, Silver
Location: Nevada, USA
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The mine is remote and has had very little disturbance since it was abandoned in the early 1950s. The mine is located in general proximity of the massive Illinois Gold Mine within the same district. The Illinois, similarly initially produced substantial silver and lead until gold began to be developed at depth. The geology and structure is similar and it is reasonable to assume that since silver and gold have been located, that the mine will produce in a similar fashion.

Location and Access:

Located 90 miles from Fallon Nevada up a high clearance 4WD road.


The underground workings of the mine consist of a short adit, a shaft estimated to be 75-100’, and an interconnected shaft and adit with multiple levels and drifting of approximately 650 combined feet.

The workings are in good condition and stable with very little deterioration. The veins and deposits could be core sampled and examined with no permitting required in their current state.

The terrain is consistent with what is expected of desert regions and presents no significant challenges. The climate will allow for year-round operations with no additional expenditures required.

The property is in an initial development stage and will require some expenditures and development to become a fully operational mining site. Road repair will be required for any large trucks and or equipment to access the site.


Contact Vendor for a GRMP-43 report that details the geology of the Aunt Ethel mineral property.


Contact Vendor for a GRMP-43 report that details the geology of the Aunt Ethel mineral property.

Additional Information:

The Aunt Ethel is a reported silver/lead mine located in the Lodi Mining District. The mine consists of a series of interconnected shafts and adits exploring a wide deposit of silver, lead and gold at depth. Contact Vendor for more information or with questions.


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