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Copper Penny Mineral Property

60 Acre Arizona Lode Claim For Sale

Mine Details

Commodities: Copper, Gold, Silver
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The Copper Penny site encompasses 60 acres on the western edge of the massive metals deposit known as the Swansea Mines. The Copper Penny site sits on a east facing slope of the Buckskin Mountain Range. The surface material on the site is azurite, chrysocolla, hematite and magnetite. Nickel has been reported at the site as well.

Location and Access

Located outside of Parker Arizona on a high clearance 4WD vehicle.


There are a series of subsurface workings on the property. Some of the workings interconnect, but there are also some collapsed drifts. Surveyors mapped 225’ of development on the main working level. There is a large shaft on the southern most section of the property that measures 310’.

There has been no milling on the property. As such there are no tailings. There are some small dumps which appear to have suffered from heavy run offs. The area was first worked for silver in 1826 and copper was not a valued asset at the time.

Surveyors noted substantial bodies of copper ore visible in stopes in the workings of the Copper Penny. There are many reports of hundreds of thousands of tons of copper reserves in the mines from the 170’ to 220’. This copper was considered low grade at 3-4% per ton. Based on the material seen in the workings and the material on the surface, the Copper Penny site has barely scraped what could be developed and the reserves are likely substantial. This opinion is based on the surveyors statements and knowledge of mining sites.

There are two mine camps at the Copper Penny site. The southern camp has some remnants of a small building and a good sized load out. This was likely a mechanical shop and ore was gathered and loaded into wagons or trucks from this point to be smelted at Swansea, which is just a short distance away. The other camp appears to be the exploratory area, or where the larger deposit was being developed.

Be aware the the Arizona Department of Mines performed a closure of this site for safety in 2018 as well as can be determined. This does not impede your ability to mine but it may mean that you find more shafts and adits that were covered by the reclamation work.

The site could be operated in a variety of ways. The small scale miner could gather high grade sample material for sale at rock and mineral shows. A company could develop and map the deposit and shore up the existing mine while shipping copper ore to various facilities in nearby Mexico.


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