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Commodity: Gold, Silver
Location: Nevada, USA
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The Cuba Mine is located in the Steptoe Mining District, later to be known as the Granite District. The Steptoe district was known for production of gold, silver and lead. The Cuba is a textbook example of mining properties in the district.

The Mine is set at the convergence of three canyons in the Egan Mountain Range. The mine consists of a series of adits and a single shaft. There are over 2900’ of drift and stope workings combined in the underground workings.

Location and Access:

Located outside of Ely, Nevada up a high clearance 2WD road.


The mine is known for its production of Galena (lead and silver) and Gold. Gold noted with less importance pre-1960 as the price of gold was $20-35 per ounce and silver oft times up to $5.00 per ounce. Today’s values of gold at nearly $1500.00 per ounce and silver at $15.00 per ounce, the gold values far outweigh the silver.

Regardless, samples were taken from high-grade ore bodies inside the mine and the primary portal waste dump. Average assay value from veins inside the mine measured over 7.5 oz/T AG (silver) and 1.4 oz/T AU (Gold). There is considerable galena in the workings, gold appears in iron heavy veins running parallel to the galena pockets. Waste dumps showed considerably less value, with less than ½ oz/T AG and only trace gold.

The mine is located in the remote southern end of the range. It is a high mountain mine with portals at 7500’ and 8000’. Extremely high for Nevada deserts. The mine appears to have not had any intrusion or development in many years. The most recent work completed in or around 1960.

The workings are in excellent repair, but the portals have begun to slough, and it is recommended that they are cleared prior to any underground development. The underground workings are cut into stable, competent rock and in some sections, large pillars of ore are still in place. This for structural stability during initial development.

Roads to the Cuba are in excellent condition and full-size vehicles and trailers can easily be brought up to the property. There is a large staging area outside the primary haulage tunnel.

There is water available on the claim that may be utilized by the claim owner with a standard notice of operation.

Processing is recommended to take place off-site once the large ore bodies have been mapped and developed. Small scale separation and milling would be possible with some permitting.


Contact Vendor for a GRMP-43 report that details the geology of the Cuba mineral property.


Contact Vendor for a GRMP-43 report that details the history of the Cuba mineral property.

Additional Information:

Known for production of gold, galena and silver. Available for in house financing.


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