Nevada Gold Silver Lode Claim For Sale

Easy Pickens Gold & Silver

Mine Details

Commodity: Gold
Location: Nevada, USA
Terms: For Sale, Negotiable
Price: $1500

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Mine, Gold, Silver, good road access, near Histrical Tonopah Nevada.

Access to the Claim is not hard. The unpaved road runs off of 95, just a few miles outside of Tonopah. The road inland to the claim is in good shape for most of the trip and can be traveled with 2 wheel drive vehicle, under normal weather conditions. You will travel inland a ways, but again the road is in good shape. This will take you to the bottom of the Claim. There are natural wash areas that run through the road that could be a problem for a low clearing vehicle just over the last mile or so of the trip. This is to be kept in mind. A normal light pick up truck should be able to get you to the Claim without a problem, when I was there again, as the last mile was not in great shape, but passable. If you go in a standard car, you could walk the last leg of the trip to the Claim.Up until that point a lower clearing vehicle would suffice without incident, in normal weather conditions.

With that being said, there is little to no traffic and I did not see anyone, any of the times I was out there, so that is an added bonus in having easy access to your Claim, but still having privacy as you are far off any main road or area for a number of miles. Tonopah NV is close, and offers food and Hotels/Motels, along with gas and some smaller shops for supplies

The " Easy Pickens" NMC # 1120195 is a great find near Tonopah Nevada. Do your own research on this area and the District and you will discover what a great find this is.This Claim is 20 acres, a Lode Claim and has a number of great features. You have the Mine, a generous amount of Tailings and a natural run off area that is often overlooked for minerals. We have found decomposing quartz rock on the Claim. So you can work the Vien, and the Tailings. The Mine itself, from research, is at least 543 feet, With this Claim you can work the Vien, and work the Tailings. This area is full of Past producers that are Historical Claims deemed so by the USGS, such as Lone Mountain, Alpine Eagle Mine, Alpine Mine, Dutchess Prospect, W S 97 Claims, Millers Mill, Boss Mine, Swanson Claims, The Dipper Claims, Belcher Extension Divide Mining Property, Castle , Three Hills Prospect, Blue Jay Mine to name a few out of the many more Historical mines and Claims in this area according to the USGS list of Historical Mines and the BLM records of past Claims. These Historical Mines had some significant discoveries and production. Back in the day, this area was a big part of our Mining History.
Claims in this area are hard to come by. There are not many that are able to be Claimed as there is significant history of production and discoveries of minerals in the area, making it so that Claimants rarely relinquish any Claims held. This is a testimony to the quality of Claims that can be found in this area.

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