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El Chuin

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Commodity: Copper, Gold, Molybdenum, Silver
Location: Mexico
Terms: Lease Purchase Option, Negotiable
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The Chuin, Chuin 2 and Nino Luis mining claims occur along the same mineralized lineament as Bisbee, Arizona. Mineralization and hydrothermal alteration associated with a zoned intrusion exhibit a porphyry copper signature. Significant gold, silver, molybdenum and tungsten concentrations also occur with the copper mineralization.

Contact skarns bearing copper and molybdenum are peripheral to the intrusive complex. Lead-zinc-silver manto deposits are distal to the porphyry mineralization.

The zonation of hydrothermal alteration, in conjunction with that of mineralization, is typical of porphyry-centered system. The presence of a mineralized breccia pipe, in addition to peripheral skarn and replacement deposits, supports this hypothesis. Mineralized volcanic rocks are assumed to be coeval with the intrusive complex which was the source of the metals.

The El Chuin property consists of the El Chuin 1 and El Chuin 2 concessions totaling 3,292 hectares (8,131.24 acres) in the Bacadehuachi district of northeastern Sonora which is centered 10 km east of the pueblo of Bacacehuachi, Lat. 29 deg. 49’ 08.69” N, Long. 109 deg. 02’ 37.63” W, 83 kilometers east of Moctezuma, and 251 kilometers east-northeast of Hermosillo. The property is accessible via a paved highway from Hermosillo through Moctezuma to Bacacehuachi and from Bacadehuachi via a paved highway through the center of the property.

Significant occurrences of mineralization within the district include the following:
(Samaniego (Cu); La Gloria (Fe,Cu); Los Nogales (Pb, Zn, Ag); Loomis zone (Cu, Pb, Ag); Agua Mala (Cu, Mo); Los Tecolotes (Mo) ; Las Calizas (Pb, Zn, Ag); Brecha Los Nogales (Cu, Pb); La Azurita (Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag) .

Samaniego Zone:
Mineralization in this zone consists of chalcopyrite-magnetite-specularite blebs probably filling vescicules in a vescicular andesite flow. This style of mineralization outcrops over a 10-20 meter by 250 meter area. CRM sampling of outcrops within this zone assayed 1.13% to 4.92% Cu, 82 to 1517 ppm Pb, and 122 to 548 ppm Zn and 15 to 41.4 ppm Ag.

La Gloria:
Mineralization at the La Gloria prospect is of contact metamorphic character. It consists of chalcopyrite, magnetite, and pyrite with local values in gold and silver in a gangue of quartz, calcite, and garnet. The mineralization occurs as pod-like masses and zones along faults and fractures irregularly spaced within a 250 meter by 100 meter area of outcrop. Assay values within this zone range from 0.08% to 2.68% Cu, 12 to 198 ppm Pb, 65 to 768 ppm Zn, and 3 to 45 ppm Mo and 11.5 % to 40.6% Fe.

Nogales: aka (La Gloria 2):
The Nogales prospect consists of a zone contact/hydrothermal metamorphism 100 meters in length by 4 to 10 meters in width that hosts blebs, pockets, and cavity fillings of pyrite-galena-sphalerite mineralization in a gangue of calcite, garnet, and quartz. Sampling showed constant values to a depth of 3 meter in a 3 meter deep, 2 meter wide, 10 meter long trench. Channel sampling of the structure gave values from 0.8% to 1.72% of Pb, 0.86% to 1.86% of Zn, and 4 to 51gr/ton of Ag.

Summary of significant mineralized zones on EL CHUIN 1 and 2 concessions, although there are numerous additional mineralized outcrops, only the more significant zones are mentioned below:

Samaniego; 10-20m x 250m (Cu 1.13% – 4.92%) (Ag 15 – 41.4 ppm) (Pb 63 – 1517ppm) (Au?)
La Gloria; 100m x 250m (Cu .08 % – 2.68%) (Fe 11.5% – 40.6%)
Caliza Los Nogales: 2m x 100m (Pb 7.65%) (Zn 15.10%) (Ag 65.7 ppm)
Zona Loomis: 1.2m x unknown (Cu 1.82%) (Pb 57 ppm) (Zn 592 ppm)
El Cantil; 1.5m x 10m (Cu .53%) (Pb 1.94%) (Zn 5.16%)
La Azurita: 1.5m x unknown (Cu 7.28%) (Pb 5184 ppm) (Zn 2608 ppm) (Ag 94.4 to 130 ppm)
Brecha Los Nogales; 50m x 50m (no recorded assay results) Visible Pyrite, Chalcopyrite, Malachite, and Galena
Agua Mala; 50m x 250m (Mo .06%) (Cu .1 %) (Ag 34 ppm)
Between Cerro la Plomosa and Puerto la Muralla; 100m x 800m Continuous sulphide zone southwest on the outer edges of the Granodiorite Intrusive. (no recorded assay results) Visible pyrite, arsenopyrite, and some chalcopyrite and occasional malachite.

Claim Status:
The EL CHUIN 1 is 100% owned by Quirina Vasquez Vargas consisting of 330 hectares. EL CHUIN 2 is also 100% owned by Quirina Vasquez Vargas consists of 2962 hectares and surrounds EL CHUIN 1, and a large portion of Nino Luis concession. (Refer to claim concessions map in the Preliminary Report). The Nino Luis (400 hectares), La Gloria 1 (50 hectares) La Gloria 2 (50) hectares are not owned by Quirina Vasquez Vargas. Nino Luis covers the east side over some of the Granodiorite Intrusive. The Gloria 1 & 2 are inside EL CHUIN and are on the farthest western side of the EL Chuin concession. The EL CHUIN project will be a separate deal entirely. In addition, Quirina Vasquez is a close friend of the Nino Luis, and La Gloria Owner and has discussed in detail any help regarding negotiations and discussions regarding the Nino Luis Claim. Based on these conversations, the owner is reasonable and open to making a possible deal.

Igneous Rocks:
Several compositions of intrusive rocks are present within the stock at Rancho El Embudo. The predominate facies is granodiorite; biotite diorite and quartz eye porphyry are also present in the vicinity of Rancho El Embudo.

Intrusive igneous rocks intrude andesite flows and latite tuffs of the Upper Volcanic Sequence (22 Ma – 25 Ma). Volcanic rocks are strongly altered and mineralized, particularly so adjacent to the stock. Andesite dikes cutting the intrusive are relatively unmineralized.

Sedimentary Rocks:
The oldest rocks exposed on the property are an interbedded sequence of Mesozoic limestone, siltstone and shale. Carbonate rocks have been metasomatized to skarn; clastic sedimentary rocks were hornfelsed.

Structural Geology:
Normal faults striking northwest and dipping eastward are the most pronounced (Figure 2). An ENE trend, dipping northward, is also prominent. Steeply dipping, N-S striking structures were observed near Arroyo El Embudo.

A 50 m2 breccia pipe is present near the center of the concessions: Breccia Los Nogales (see Summary Report). Andesite and tuff fragments are cemented by a matrix containing pyrite, chalcopyrite, galena and malachite.

Economic Geology

Hydrothermal Alteration:
Sericitization, phyllic alteration (quartz-sericite-pyrite) and stockwork veining are strongest in the vicinity of the stock. Argillization is peripheral to the phyllic zone. Small windows of potassic alteration occur along Arroyo El Embudo. Epidote was observed in fractures at the southwestern end of the property.

Strong magnetite was observed, with vuggy quartz veining, near Rancho Rinconada (Sample Chuin-1, Figure 1). Minor amounts of very fine-grained scheelite occur within the quartz; goethitic limonite boxwork after sphalerite coats the outer margins. The host rock was andesite. Trace to weak magnetite also occurs with strong specularite in the argillic zone at Mina Julio aka La Azurita (sample Chuin-8, Appendix). Minor scheelite and traces of powellite are present in a vuggy quartz vein hosted by coarse-grained, quartz diorite (sample Chuin-3).

Pyrite casts with hematitic-limonite rims were observed; most pyrite at the surface has been oxidized to hematitic-limonite. Fine-grained, disseminated arsenopyrite was ubiquitous, being observed in igneous rocks of all compositions, particularly tuff.

Disseminated chalcopyrite occurs with arsenopyrite, as well as with specularite. Thin coatings of bornite were observed on chalcopyrite in sample Chuin-4; traces of covellite were also present. Weak oxidation of chalcopyrite to malachite and azurite also occurs. Chalcanthite is leaching out of the vein at Mina Julio aka La Azurita (Figure 2).

Native silver was observed in sample sites Chuin-5, 6 and 7, occurring primarily with arsenopyrite and chalcopyrite. Very fine-grained silver was also observed with plattnerite and massicot (oxidation products of galena). Very fine-grained, native gold was tentatively identified at the contact of strongly sericitized quartz eye porphyry with andesite (sample site Chuin-6).

Hydrothermal alteration is zoned from east to west, upward and outward from the stock at Rancho El Embudo. From the stock outwards, the sequence is as follows: potassic-phyllic-argillic-propyllitic.

Metals also exhibit zonation, relative to the stock. Mineralization is zoned outwards, from copper-molybdenum-gold proximal to the intrusion to distal lead-zinc occurrences. Silver overlaps the two contrasting zones.

Prior Work:
From 1976 to 1979 the Consejo de Recursos Minerales (CRM now SGM) covered the area with a National Mining Reserve concession covering 20 square kilometers but ultimately relinquished the concession. The CRM conducted a program of limited geologic mapping, limited surface sampling of various prospects and zones of outcropping mineralization, an aeromagnetic survey, limited surface geophysics, and limited drilling consisting of 2 holes on one prominent skarn prospect (La Gloria). The character of mineralization in the district suggests the district has potential for a large copper-molybdenum-gold porphyry deposit.

Recent Activity on Property:
An Australian Corporation, Newsight Resources, Inc., a family-owned company, raised funds to option the property in 2008, and expanded the property position to 2095 hectares, Newsight personnel visited the property two times and spent a total of 4 days on the property confirming mineralization and planning exploration of the overall project. Newsight, however, could not continue to finance the initial project due to the global market conditions experienced during the 2007-2009 recession. Due to this, Newsight Resources was forced to abandon the project. A one page report by Newsight Resources, Inc. is on page (15)of the Preliminary Report. Sample descriptions and results are available upon request.

The owner is looking for a well financed company that will option the property for 3-5 years and provide a reasonable work program with minimum yearly expenditures.