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Historic Jimmie Mine

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Commodity: Gold, Silver
Location: Arizona, USA
Terms: For Sale, Lease Purchase Option
Price: $7500

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Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. is proud to present the Historic Jimmie Mine Mineral Claim. The Jimmie Mine is a 20 acre lode mining claim for sale exclusively through Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. The Jimmie Mine is located outside of Wickenburg, Arizona and has been properly staked and marked at all corners.

Location and Access:

Vulture Mining District – Maricopa County, Arizona
You can drive to just below the tailings of the mine.
Easy 2WD road to the claim site.
Contact us for exact coordinates.


The Jimmie Mine is so named for the region where it is located. It is a large working that is thought to consist of one main access shaft with many feet of drift work. The Jimmie Mine site is strewn with at least 20,000 lbs of waste rock. This waste rock shows flake gold in quartz with some galena and iron.

There is no defined history of the Jimmie Mine site and it is thought to have been part of the original Vulture Mine due to its proximity. The actual Vulture Mine is less than 1/2 mile from the Jimmie Mine. The mine and mines of the area are known for native gold production. Surveyors assert that the Jimmie mine produced gold and silver but was likely overshadowed by the giant Vulture Mine. Veins and deposits of the Jimmie would logically mirror that of the Vulture and are likely of the same trend.

The Jimmie mine portal was gated years ago and the access portal is accessible without a notice of operation. Mine ribs are stable and show little movement or slough. The shaft is thought to be 150' deep as the water table is encountered at the 150-175' level and has historically been stable.

Access to the site is simple on a well-maintained county road. Parking and staging on the claim will be around the mine workings and may require 4WD.


Regional geology is a series of pre-Cambrian schists with dikes and irregular masses of granite locally overlain by post mineralization volcanics and later aluviam.

The Vulture vein is a singular identifiable structure which strikes east and west and dips to the north generally at 42 degrees. Mineable widths in the vein vary from a few inches to over 50 feet. Vein mineralization is primarily quartz with blocks of both hanging and foot wall materials included. Alteration of these included blocks and portions of the wall rock include chloritization, quartz, calcite and sericite.

Ore forming minerals include free gold, silver, galena blende and chalcopyrite. Post mineral faulting has offset the vein and are sheets with devastating effects.[1]

Additional Information:

Tailings Present: 10,000-49,999 tons. Mostly waste rock. Surveyors did see lots of silver/lead ore and copper in the tailings.
Entrance: Grated shaft.
Mine Cut: Shaft
Depth / Length: Estimated 150'
Foot Traffic: in the Mine None
Last Worked: 1941

Federally Registered Mining Claim ID: AMC440536


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