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Commodity: Gold
Location: Arizona, USA
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Price: $17,500

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The Jimmie Mine is so named for the region where it is located within a wide wash known as Jimmie Wash. The wash originates northwest of the Vulture mine and continues in a southeasterly direction. The Jimmie Mine is located in this wash and 1.25 miles south of the Vulture Mine.

There is very little history of the Jimmie Mine, in recent years it has been known as the Whispering Ranch Mine. This moniker shows the lack of knowledge or respect for the mining history and heritage of the area as the mine existed long before any ranches in the area.

The mine workings (underground) have not been formally examined by Gold Rush surveyors. There is information that was made available in 2010 when the current gating system was installed over the workings.

Waste dumps are largely separated into two piles. The first pile is roughly 85’ by 95’ and at least 15’ deep for a minimum volume of 114,750 cubic feet. The other pile measures 70’ by 70’ and also at least 15’ deep, volume of 68,250 cubic feet. Grab samples were taken from the dumps by surveyors and assay values are noted below.

The shaft descends vertically 180’ to a working level with a man-way door. These doors are put in place to safeguard miners from falling rock and usually exist every 24-36’ in vertical manways. There are reported to be two drift levels of an unknown length. It was reported that there is likely substantial workings below the manway door as the volume of waste dump is nearly 4x more than what has been examined.

A general estimation on the drift workings at 50’ each would lead to a calculation of total workings of 300’. Calculating 4x this total, it can be assessed that there is more than 1200’ of workings as the calculations cannot account for ore that was removed or the removal of any of the existing waste dump.

Further, there are no tailings, indicating that no milling took place at the mine. It is logical that milling occurred at the Vulture Mine as it is 1.25 miles away. The presence of winch and machine foundations tell that there was both substantial work and substantial cost in developing this property. This type of expenditure is usually indicative of a mine with a good value and production.

Located off of an easy 2WD dirt road about 15 miles from Wickenburg, Arizona.

The primary output of the Jimmy is assumed to be exclusively gold. Gold is common in the region and is geologically reported to occur in east/west trending veins from 50’ to 950’ below ground. The mine is a large working that consists of a primary access shaft and likely has multiple drifts and stoping work. The Jimmie Mine site is strewn with at least 16000K of waste rock. This waste rock shows flake gold in quartz with some metallics (copper and galena) and iron.

An interesting geological side note on the value of the Jimmie Mineral Property. It is located just one mile southeast from the Vulture Mine, the Jimmie likely mirrors veins and deposits of the Vulture. The Vulture Mine is one of Arizona’s oldest and most profitable mines. The mineable veins in the Vulture have been reported being a few inches to 50 feet in width, with gold values averaging 1 OPT. Surveyors assert that the Jimmie mine produced gold and silver but was likely overshadowed by the giant Vulture Mine.

The Jimmie claim is also located less than 1 mile directly east from the South Vulture Mine which produced gold values similar to the Vulture mine. When the South Vulture mine was drilled and tested for gold values, the results returned with gold values higher than the Vulture mine.

The Jimmie mine portal was gated in 2010. The portal was cleared of loose rock and muck and a sound foundation and gating was built over the portal. Prior to the gating, the portal was very much anthilled and appeared much as any other small prospect dotting the desert landscape. Once the portal was cleared and could be accessed, the actual value was defined.

The portal can be opened and accessed without a notice of operation. Mine ribs are stable and show little movement or slough. Timber work begins at roughly 90-100’ and is stable down to the manway cover at 180’. As a point of reference, The Vulture mine is reported to be 3000 feet deep and hits the water table after the 600 ft level. It is likely that the mine on the Jimmie claim will also hit the water table at 600’ if the shaft continues to that depth.

This property can be worked year round but precautions should be taken in June, July and August as average daily temperatures are over 100 degrees.

Access to the site is simple on a well-maintained county road. Parking and staging on the claim will be around the mine workings and may require 4WD to access parts of the claim that do not have roads.

The Vulture and South Vulture mines were closed in 1942 due to the start of WWII, it is assumed that the Jimmie mine was mothballed at that time due to its gold production.

Contact Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. for a GRMP-43 report that details the geology of the Jimmie Mineral Property.

Contact Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. for a GRMP-43 report that details the history of the Jimmie Mineral Property.

Rare gold Mine locate in the Vulture Mining district. The Vulture mine is one of the most notorious gold mines in Arizona. Contact Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc with questions or for more information.