High value gold property that is largely undeveloped.

Last Chance – 40 Acre Lode Claim in Colorado

Mine Details

Commodity: Copper, Gold, Manganese, Silver
Location: Colorado, USA
Terms: For Sale
Price: Priced at 0.1% of the Mineral Asset Value. See goldrushexpeditions.com for current pricing.

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The Last Chance mineral property is a gold, silver and copper mine located in the Crystal Hill Mining District. The property encompasses at least four (4) shafts and three (3) adits. There is substantial infrastructure from the original mine still evident around the property.

The property was mined primarily for gold and copper although native silver in the form of wires and clusters is common among the crystal formations.

Location and Access:

Located in Crystal Hill Mining District, near Del Norte, CO. Can be accessed with high clearance 2WD


Gold assays were widely varied from 2.1 oz per ton to trace. Average assay value across the dumps was 0.148 oz. per ton. Copper values averaged 3.7%, with some spikes as high as 19%. Silver values varied from 24oz per ton to no content at all. Average Silver assay was 0.104 oz. per ton. The dump material indicates the material is highly oxidized, there was no pyrite noted in the material. Dumps were measured and individually assayed using grab samples gathered by surveyors.

The subsurface portals on the property have been closed and none were accessible at the time of the survey. The fill over the portals is likely not natural although there are no markers of reclamation. As there was no access to the subsurface workings, there were no samples taken from underground.

Buildings on the property include several cabins, a large load out, and a vault with stone construction. These buildings are in rough shape and historical in nature as they have likely not been used since the late 1940s.

The property is located on a good county road that appears to be maintained seasonally. The Last Chance is less than 3000’ from the famous Crystal Hill Gold Mine which produced gold into the 1970s and is still a popular location for rockhounds searching for high grade native gold and silver specimens.


Contact Vendor for a GRMP-43 report that details the geology of the Last Chance mineral property.


Contact Vendor for a GRMP-43 report that details the history of the Last Chance mineral property.

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