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Moonlight Gold Mine

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Commodity: Copper, Gold, Lead, Silver
Location: Montana, USA
Terms: For Sale
Price: $22,500

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The Moonlight Mine and Camp is a significant group of claims and has been noted by not only GRE, but the Forest Service and many architectural firms. These claims offer both substantial underground workings with documented gold and silver reserves, but also the opportunity to help preserve and possibly restore a piece of Montana mining history.

There are well over a mile of underground workings documented on these mines. The last work done on these was in 1942 when the L-208, as part of the War Act, outlawed mining for gold. The Mine had an intentional plug put in at roughly 250?, to prevent further federal acquisition of mining machinery and rail. The mine has sat as you see it since that time. A stout brick wall and a heavy, solid metal gate will keep the curious from entering your workings and also give you a great place to safely store valuable machinery and tools used in support of your mining operation.

The mine is set up on a flat, 90 feet above the main mining camp. There are many small prospects, and digs around the mine camp and the mine. There are still 3 standing cabins in the mining camp and an inclined, smooth road runs up to the mine from behind one of the cabins. The road is in excellent condition with the exception of a few small fallen trees that could be quickly and easily cleared.

From a 1985 Forest Service Report:
“The Moonlight Mining Company was incorporated in Montana on August 24, 1936. Thirty unpatented claims in the Boulder Creek Mining District were acquired by the firm, which intended to mine for gold, silver, lead, and copper ores. A 4,000-foot tunnel and 250-foot shaft were opened at the Moonlight Mine as of 1930, while a crew of 12 men did both development and shipping work. The mine apparently shut down during World War II.

Located here are eight structures, including three intact cabins, a deteriorated metal building, an abandoned root cellar, a deteriorated ore chute, and two cabins with collapsed roofs. In addition, there are several privies, a large tailings pile and other mining remains, and evidence of a half-dozen razed or burned structures. All of the cabins are composed of peeled logs, sawn at the corners and saddle notched. The roofs of two cabins have fallen in, and sheet metal has been nailed to the board roofs of the structures. Two of the cabins are well maintained and remain in excellent condition. They appear to be occupied seasonally as recreational cabins.”

This is a low traffic area with easy access and a fully intact mine and mining camp, surrounded by patented property. The cabins need minimal work for habitation.

18 miles from Philipsburg, Montana, USA. - High clearance 2WD access

40 acres of lode claim cover all of the workings of the Moonlight Mine. There is excellent road access and a small stream that wanders through the claim. There is no shortage of timber and shelter. The cabins on the claim are in good condition and should be restored. They could currently be used as shelter or residence in support of the mining operation with a proper Notice of Operation filed with the FS.

This claim covers a lot of ground, and a lot of history. The mines produced substantial gold and silver over their term from opening in the mid 1890s, to their final ownership by Moonlight Mining Company, for which the mines were named. A well maintained dirt road leads right through the site with parking available in front of the mine. There is room to park about 10 vehicles. The Moonlight II claim covers a good number of small prospects and a few very favorable quartz outcrops. It also encompasses the entire Moonlight mine camp. There is room to easily park multiple cars and stage equipment trailers, etc… at this claim. A small, but steady stream run through the claim providing water. There is also substantial timber and wood available in support of the mining operation.

Temperatures here will be ideal for Spring, Summer and Fall. Your spring and fall evenings and mornings will be chilly with temps dropping into the 40s but warming into the 70s during the day. Summer days will get into the 80s with cool and comfortable evenings. The winter will be cold and there will be snow, however, if you are inhabiting the claim, there will be plenty of wood and you aren’t far from town. Besides, underground, the temperature is not going to vary.

As of 2014, GRE surveyors located a single, secured adit of at least 1,650? and one prospect on the Moonlight I claim. Historically documentation indicates there are 2 (two) adits on the claim. Survey teams were unable to locate the second, higher adit. The Moonlight II claim boasts some very high quality prospects with quartz and oxidized iron, pyrite. You can drive a 2WD high clearance vehicle right up to the main portal. A nice strong gate is built into a brick wall that has been built right into the solid rock entrance of the mine.

Sedimentary Rock – Chemical Sediment – Phosphorite
Previous Owner - Robinson, William J. 2920 Floral Blvd., Butte, Mt. (1994)
Comments on the production information - AU-AG-CU-PB-ZN ore was mined
Comments on the workings information - Several adits driven in a weakly mineralized zone. Drifts, crosscuts and raises were driven on the lower adit. Trenching was done in 1962.

General comments:
Weakly mineralized fault breccia was mined for AU, AG, CU, PB. The retort member is about 12 ft thick and consists of interbedded layers of phosphorite, phosphatic mudstone, and calcareous mudstone. It is exposed for a strike length of 150 ft underground, and can be traced on the surface for a distance of 5 MI N. The mining section lies between a cherty hanging wall and a mudstone footwall.

Gold – Primary
Silver – Primary
Copper – Secondary
Lead – Secondary
Phosphorus-phosphates – Secondary
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