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Orphan Widow Mineral Property

40 Acre Montana Lode Claim for Sale

Mine Details

Location: Montana, USA
Commodities: Gold, Silver
Available Terms: For Lease, For Sale
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The Orphan Widow is a significant site in the Elliston Mining District. There is very little documentation on the site. It may have been part of the Viking Mine.

Location and Access

Located outside of Elliston Montana on a high clearance 4WD road.


The mine is significant for two reasons. The first is the well defined infrastructure. The mine boasts five buildings including a machine shop, an assay house, and bunk house. There is substantial equipment noted at the site. Large hoses for moving significant amounts of water. Drill bits, rail and a massive ore tipple. All of this appears to have been usable within the last 10 years.

The second reason is the gold ores that are found on the site. Massive dumps stretch into the thick tree cover but the material discarded is easily separated because of its tenor. Gold Rush surveyors reported assay values from dumps from 0.3 oz./Ton to 1.1 oz./Ton in gold. Silver was ancillary and in smaller valuations.

These two elements together indicate that this was a large, producing mine, but also one that operated largely off the grid so to speak. This is common in some larger mines as the miners and owners did not want to report earnings and thus taxes owed. Mining properties can be read by the amount of infrastructure that was put in place around the developments. In the case of the Orphan Widow there is significant values.

The site is remote and not well known. Roads to the site are largely overgrown and will require clearing. The main portal has been collapsed. It will take a mini-excavator at least to clear the portal.

The site is well suited for small miners with the resources to put the required work into the site and re-open. Discarded values in dump piles are often worth a fraction of what was actually being mined in the subsurface.

This is a great opportunity for someone to work on a noted gold deposit, but also to write the story of the mine as it is re-established.


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