20 Acre California Lode Mining Claim For Sale.

Phillips Lode Mining Claim

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Commodity: Gold
Location: California, USA
Terms: For Sale
Price: $19,500

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The Phillips Gold Mine is a documented gold mining property in the heart of Gold Country in Trinity County, California. The mine is extremely remote and in very rough overall condition. However, there are at least 1600 tons of blocked reserves in the mine which are valued low at .98 oz/T-AU and high values of 4.0 oz/T-AU. Inferred reserves are stated as 4800 tons at the same valuation or higher.

The mine is in an area where native gold has been located and worked and is reported to form in “pockets” of nearly pure (.900) native gold. The region is also well known for veins of native gold in host rock as well as quartz.

Located 17.5 miles from Weaverville, California in the heart of gold country. 4WD required to access the staging area. A UTV, ATV or hike is the only access to the portals.

These deposits of gold were explored and worked in and around the time of the California Gold Rush, but conditions were extremely difficult, and the terrain was also difficult to work in. As such, when placer gold was discovered in the valleys below the mines, most miners opted for the easy recovery and the lode deposits were largely forgotten.

The Phillips is assumed to be one of those forgotten gems. The mine has not had any development work in at least 100 years if not more. The road to the mine peters out in a low flat about 150’ from the first mine portal. A UTV, ATV or hiking is required to access the steep and narrow road that runs up to the mines, which are only found by locating the long grown over waste dump piles and following them to the source.

The mines are reported as a series of adits working up the hill, all interconnected via raises. Surveyors were able to verify the remains of 4 different adit locations, however, only one portal was still accessible. This drift was surveyed for a little more than 100’. Surveyors worked over various collapses and obstacles inside the mine. Air quality was consistent and acceptable at 19.8.

Surveyors documented two major gold-bearing quartz veins and mapped their approximate trend. The primary veins have many offshoots and stringer veins which also show native gold. At a point approximately 80’ from the entrance, a large pocket was defined in the workings. It had been picked at over the years but still contained significant gold content.

Vein 1 travels generally east/west and varies in width from a few inches to 26 inches. The vein appears to continue into the workings but surveyors were blocked by a collapse.

Vein 1 was sampled 3 times in 20’ increments. Average assay value is 1.7oz/T AU

Vein 2 trends generally SSE/WNW. The vein also varies in width from just a few inches to 30 inches in the measured section. There is only 25’ of the vein visible in the workings. This vein was assayed in two spots on high-grade deposits with visible gold. Assays reported 11.8 oz/T and 5.56 oz/T AU.

The high-grade pocket was sampled by chipping out high-grade samples. Assays from the pocket returned 7.37 oz/T AU.

These assays are for reference use only and may vary with sampling and extraction methodology. It is important for anyone doing serious development to make their own assessment. There is no guarantee of assay numbers represented above.

There is heavy vegetation throughout the area, mostly in large pine and pinion trees in addition to undergrowth such as berries and broad leafed plants.

The mine is located well off the beaten path. A steep and narrow 4WD road leaves just out of Douglas City, CA and makes its way up the canyon. 100 or so feet from the first portal, there is parking for any full-size vehicles. The road from this point gets considerably more narrow with very steep drop-offs. ATV/UTV or hiking are recommended.

The mines are extremely old and have not been molested in a great number of years. Surveyors estimate over 50 years. There were no footprints in the mines or around the mines. There were no vehicle tracks on the trail despite the late time of season. Both of which indicate the mine is not well known and the deposits are likewise assumed unknown.

Contact Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc for a GRMP-43 Technical Mine Report that details the geology of the Phillips mining claim

Contact Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc for a GRMP-43 Technical Mine Report that details the history of the Phillips mining claim

Contact Jason at Gold Rush Expeditions Inc with questions or for more information.