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Blue Sky – Thunder Hills Project

Dutch Hills near Cache Creek, Alaska – 520 Acres

Mine Details

Location: Alaska, USA
Commodities: Gold
Available Terms: Joint Venture
Price: $499K


Mining Partnership and/or Leasing Opportunity – 520 pristine acres (one mile long; ½ mi wide) in the famed Dutch Hills of the Southwest (SW) Foothills of Denali National Park. Thunder Valley is one of 7 northern mountain valleys that feed the historic gold mining area of Cache Creek near Petersville, Alaska.

Location and Access

Dutch Hills near Cache Creek, Alaska. Approx. 18mi from Petersville, 38mi from Trapper Creek, 107mi from Wasilla, 151mi from Anchorage. Access uses existing State and Park Service roads, RST's and trails. There is also a 1200' landing strip and helipad on my private property (1 mile from the claims) and a helipad at the mine site.


The 7 claims (520 acres) consist of beautiful virgin property with 2 streams/creeks (Thunder & Rambler) and has all Permits and Licenses in place to start Placer and Suction Dredge mining Sept. 2023 - Dec. 2027.

Yearly Rents & Affidavits of Mining Labor (2023-24) - Paid, Submitted and Registered.

The mining camp and newly cut landing strip & helipad are one (1) mile as the crow/heli flies, from the claims and on 30 acres of private patented land. I have over 11 years and over $1.5M invested in the claims, mining camp and mining equipment.

The camp property is also a great bug-out and private friends & family party location with birds-eye views overlooking famous Cache Creek. A magnificent western horizon stretches out over the valley 50+ miles. The northern slopes of the Peters Hills are staring you in the face from across the Cache Creek Valley. The Dutch Hills are behind you. There literally aren't enough adjectives in the English language to describe the 360 degree views. Heaven comes close.


Historic Proven Ground for Placer and Suction Dredge Mining. Verified Gold, Platinum and other Rare Earth Minerals (REM's) are on the claims. Gold purity is approx. 87%Au & 13%Ag.


Oh Yeah! Boom Shaka-lacka baby... There's Gold in them thar hills! lol

Suction dredging in our streams/creeks has averaged .25 - .50 ounces of Gold per cubic yard of material - to say these are "significant findings" is an understatement. We expect to equal that return (after clearing vegetation and overburden) as we switch over into heavy equipment placer mining (2024) of the benches and old creek beds at the mouth of and up into Thunder Valley.

Even if we realize 1/2 (50%) of the low average above and we're doing 200-300 yds/day... well, do the math. Gold buyers in the area are paying Spot for finer gold that needs to be refined and Spot + 10% for the nuggets.


Our actual mining season is May 1 through Oct. 15 – So you get your winters off unless you want to stay and Snow Mobile/Machine on what is arguably the best Snow Machining landscape in the world, the famous Dutch Hills.

However, if you are considering becoming an investor, we need to start planning for the upcoming 2024 season as soon as possible. I would like to start taking some of the heavier equipment (Excavator, Front-End Loader, 30 yd/hr Trommel) to the mine site this winter (1.25mi overland from base camp), while the ground is frozen, as it will be easier to transport bigger equipment to the claims than using another longer route in the summer (6mi of State and Park Service roads, RST's and trails).

I’ve been piecing everything together for 11 years and all my recently issued APMA Mining and Licensing Permits are available for inspection – we’re ready to rock ‘n roll. Are you?

Additional Information

Starlink was put up over Alaska this past year; before that we only had a Satellite phone (3 years) for communication - before that, smoke signals. Now we can access the Internet in real time and the quality of calls is amazing. We try to eat and drink like kings when we’re not working; and basically have all the comforts of home. We always have a campfire every night unless it’s raining.

Our mining camp overlooks spectacular views of the valley where Cache Creek runs, with the Peters Hills in the foreground. The Peters Hills (small mountains) opposite our mine are a series of 7 blown and eroding volcano's that are barely starting to generate cones again. It's beautiful. We've glassed Grizzly's sparring across the canyon.

I suggest you bring your own small to mid-size Travel Trailer to the mining camp for a personal and private home base. As a partner in the mining operations, there is never a charge and you will have access to the camp generator, outdoor grill and restroom, if you so desire.

Because we have a wide variety of tastes, we generally prepare our own meals and come together in the center of camp to eat. A camp cook would be a nice addition. An investor can always bring a wife or girlfriend if she wants to hang out and help. If you or they can drive an excavator or front-end loader, even better! If not, and you want to learn, we'll teach you. My wife usually comes up a couple times during the summer from Arizona.

$499k for 25% ownership of the 7 permitted State claims (520 Acres) and all they produce - see pics below - not a lot of money for the individual(s) I want to attract. $300k goes to the principle founder to recoup some of the expenditures I have had to lay out over the years to get to this point (see below). $199k will go towards project expenditures for up to 2 years - so there will be NO additional business expenditures expected or required after an investors initial investment.

History: I'm a physician (MD), miner and entrepreneur. I did not plan to sell ANY part of this project and simply was going to continue funding it myself; until I had to shell out over $1M to buy back my Biotech company's Intellectual Property (IP) six months ago, which will not start producing income for a year. Now I don't have the $100k in savings (unless I sell our house, which the wife would not appreciate) that is needed to bring the mine online in 2024 - so I need a partner. As before, I want to have additional funds ($99k) set aside as a nest egg to cover any unforeseen expenditures.

My 25% loss in this deal is your 100% gain. I am hoping to find just the right investor/partner to help me turn this whole temporary shortfall of money situation thing into a blessing in disguise. Who knows who I'll meet and/or partner with??

In all reality, I expect us to hit pay (after vegetation/overburden removal, settling pond and plant set-up), about 1/2 way through 2024 (mid-August) and start producing from that point on. However, we want to be conservative and ensure we have enough of a war chest in the hopper to cover seen and unseen expenses for 2 years; and we may decide to buy another excavator and/or loader.

You will have to provide your own living quarters (Travel trailer) at the mining camp and transportation to Anchorage (unless you live in the state already). Transportation to and from the mine, including food and drink at the mining camp will be provided as part of your investment.

Dom Perignon, LaPhroaig & Cuban Cigars will be served at our 1st clean out. Prior to and after that historic moment - Water, Crown and Pacifico (or your wine or beer of choice) will have to do, lol. Hopefully after the 2024 season we will be doing well enough to fly in and out when we want.

We will form a new Alaskan LLC with both principles listed as owners:
Dr. D - Chairman and CEO
You - El Presidente

An adventurous spirit and a little money is all that's needed to play here and be successful. The adventures, challenges and fun are priceless.

You are welcome to actively participate in mining activities or just hang out and enjoy the breathtaking views and surroundings.

There is also an opportunity to purchase from me a 10 acre section of patented/private land adjacent to my airstrip property up on the ridge above Cache Creek to build the cabin/home of your dreams. That's my plan when the mine starts producing.

Princess Cruises bought the property where the mining camp and airstrip are now located 35 years ago, it's that beautiful. Their plan was to build the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge for multi-purpose recreational use during the summer as well as the winter. Princess instead settled on their current property (much easier to build on and access, but not nearly as beautiful), next to the highway leading to Fairbanks and one mile from the SE entrance of Denali National Park.

Conclusion - Everything is in place to start seriously mining in Spring 2024:
1. Seven State Mineral Claims totaling 520 acres
2. Mining Permits and Licenses Sept. 2023 - Dec. 2027
3. 30 acres Private Patented Land (Mining Camps, landing strip, helipad)
4. 1 Komfort Travel Trailer 24ft
5. 4 Keene Dredges 3-6”
6. 1 30yd/hr Trommel
7. 16' Custom Built Sluice Box
8. 1 Hitachi EX200 Excavator
9. 1 Terex Front-End Loader
10. 1 Nodwell with 12 ft Flatbed (fuel truck / equipment & tool hauler)
11. 1 Argo 8-Wheel Centaur (Custom Build)
12. 1 Military 5-ton 962A w/ROLF, 6-Wheel Drive Truck
13. 1 Military 30 ft Flat-bed Trailer with fold down sides
14. 1 Military 2-Wheel Cargo Trailer (7x5)
15. 1 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Quad-Cab
16. 1 Honda Rancher 350 4x4 Quad
17. 1 Deutz 6" Diesel Water Pump with Trailer
18. 2 Fuel Totes (275 gal ea.)
19. Gold Cube & Wheel, etc.
20. 1 Flatbed Trailer (12x6)
21. 2 – 20’ Connex’s (Mobile Mini)
22. 1200' Dirt Landing Strip and Helipad
23. Restroom Facility

Coming Soon:
24. Lincoln Electric 300 (or larger) Diesel Welder & Generator
25. Camp Generator Diesel - 7-10kW

These claims are only going to get more valuable as time goes on with world events.

I've done all the heavy lifting - It doesn't get any better or easier to start mining in the Last Frontier than this. I wish someone had given me this opportunity 11 years ago.

In reality, I should be asking twice what I am for 25% ownership in this turn-key operation; simply because of the huge potential upside in a relatively short amount of time.

I'm done with "recreational" suction dredge mining... it's time to go big (heavy equipment). However, although we will be dramatically increasing production, I want to stay a small boutique intimate mining operation (200-300 cubic yards/day) - while continuing to be a good steward of the land.

Live your own real life GOLD RUSH ALASKA Adventure!

Please call for interview, more details, pictures and in-depth discussion about the possibilities & the blood, sweat and tears it took to get here. Thank You.

(5 Two Zero) - Nine 7 7 - Two 5 One Zero - MST, USA. Call Anytime - ask for Doc.



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