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Gold Basin

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Commodity: Gold
Location: Arizona, USA
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The gold in this region is reported as coarse nuggets that can range from a few grams to several ounces in size. There is a substantial bar that is reported to be from 70 to 180 wide running along the Hassayampa River. The bar has minimal intrusion and was only impacted by the drag bucket operation that ran from 1938 to 1940.

There is a small tailing near the upper reaches of the bar, totaling about 58,000 tons. This was worked from 1938 to 1940 when the operation was closed as part of the War Act. A larger tailing is on the southern half of the claims, totaling roughly 250,000 tons. This is largely river rock that was processed by the aforementioned drag bucket dredge machine, with little to no recovery of small gold. The capture being targeted to nuggets 1oz and over.

Location and Access:

Easy high clearance 2WD near Prescott, AZ


The property has not been worked commercially since the dredge was removed in 1941. Small miners and small operations have held claims but only two operations have applied for permits to do actual recovery. The second of which is still permitted and operating in the area. The existing permitted operation will be extremely helpful streamlining permitting to a new operation.

The property has excellent access which can be managed with 2WD in most conditions. Many large staging and parking areas that can be used for processing. There is good, year-round water throughout the property that can be used for mining purposes.

The bars have little erosion except that done by the drag buckets in mining pre-1940. There were core samples done in 1930 measuring the depth of the bar. The reports from this drilling showed an average of .08 oz per yard. $1.60 per yard in 1931. $120 per yard in 2019. There were no cores that had little or no value, which was astounding to the geologist who made the report.

This is a high value placer operation that could be operated year round. Life of the operation, based on a small operation running 100 yards per day, is at least 18 years. This in working the bank and no accommodation for working the deposits in the Hassayampa river.


Contact Vendor for a GRMP-43 report that details the geology of the Gold Basin Mineral Property.


Contact Vendor for a GRMP-43 report that details the history of the Gold Basin Mineral Property.

Additional Information:

The Gold Basin, or Hassayampa Gold Basin claims are a group of high-value placer workings. There is a long history of gold recovery. A single man, made the original find, using a hand rocker, and extracted 1750 ounces in a single year. This from a region stated as the head of the Hassayampa River. This claim is available for in house financing and cash discounts. Please contact Vendor Expeditions, Inc. with questions or for more information.


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